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def leppard all countries played

all countries played by the band

A listing of all the countries played by Def Leppard on their tours since 1978. Arranged by decade/first known performance.

Countries Played 1970s.

def leppard early years tours - 1970s

Countries Played - 3

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
18th July 1978 England. England Sheffield @ Westfield School Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd October 1979 Wales. Wales Cardiff @ Cardiff University Setlist Audio  |  Video
27th October 1979 Scotland. Scotland Glasgow @ Apollo Theatre Setlist Audio  |  Video

Countries Played 1980s.

def leppard world tours - 1980s

Countries Played - 20

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
20th May 1980 USA. United States Santa Monica @ Civic Auditorium Setlist Audio  |  Video
9th September 1980 Sweden. Sweden Lund @ Olympen Setlist Audio  |  Video
13th September 1980 Holland. Holland/The Netherlands Leiden @ Groenoordhal Setlist Audio  |  Video
14th September 1980 Belgium. Belgium Deinze @ Brielpoort Setlist Audio  |  Video
15th September 1980 France. France Poitiers @ Les Arenas Setlist Audio  |  Video
7th June 1981 Finland. Finland Helsinki @ UKK-Halli Setlist Audio  |  Video
10th June 1981 Germany. Germany Essen @ Grugahalle Setlist Audio  |  Video
17th June 1981 Luxembourg. Luxembourg Kockelscheuer @ Eissporthalle Setlist Audio  |  Video
30th June 1981 Switzerland. Switzerland Lausanne @ Palais De Beaulieu Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd July 1981 Spain. Spain Barcelona @ Plaza Toros Monumental Setlist Audio  |  Video
11th February 1983 Ireland. Republic Of Ireland Dublin @ TV Club Setlist Audio  |  Video
12th February 1983 Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Belfast @ Ulster Hall Setlist Audio  |  Video
7th June 1983 Canada. Canada Quebec City @ Quebec Coliseum Setlist Audio  |  Video
10th October 1983 Denmark. Denmark Copenhagen @ Saltagaret Setlist Audio  |  Video
20th October 1983 Italy. Italy Milan @ Rolling Stone Setlist Audio  |  Video
24th January 1984 Japan. Japan Tokyo @ Shibuya Kokaido Setlist Audio  |  Video
29th January 1984 Australia. Australia Somersby @ Narara Music Festival '84 Setlist Audio  |  Video
7th February 1984 Thailand. Thailand Bangkok @ Indoor Stadium Hua Mark Setlist Audio  |  Video
19th February 1988 Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico San Juan @ Roberto Clemente Coliseum Setlist Audio  |  Video
7th March 1988 Norway. Norway Oslo/Lillestrom @ Skedsmohallen Setlist Audio  |  Video

Countries Played 1990s.

def leppard world tours - 1990s

Countries Played - 22

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
25th July 1992 New Zealand. New Zealand Auckland @ The Supertop Setlist Audio  |  Video
20th May 1993 Portugal. Portugal Lisbon @ Cascais Pavilion Setlist Audio  |  Video
29th May 1993 Austria. Austria Vienna @ Ernst Happel Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
25th September 1993 Mexico. Mexico Monterrey @ Auditorio Coca-Cola Setlist Audio  |  Video
23rd October 1995 Morocco. Morocco Tangier @ Hercules Cave (acoustic) Setlist Audio  |  Video
26th October 1995 Singapore. Singapore Singapore City @ Hard Rock Cafe (acoustic) Setlist Audio  |  Video
October 1995 Indonesia. Indonesia Jakarta @ unknown venue (acoustic) Setlist Audio  |  Video
4th June 1996 Malaysia. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur @ Stadium Negara Setlist Audio  |  Video
6th June 1996 Philippines. Philippines Manila @ Folk Arts Theater Setlist Audio  |  Video
8th June 1996 South Korea. South Korea Seoul @ Olympic Park Gymnasium Setlist Audio  |  Video
14th October 1996 Hungary. Hungary Budapest @ Sportcsarnok Setlist Audio  |  Video
15th October 1996 Slovakia. Slovakia Zilina @ Sportova Hala Setlist Audio  |  Video
16th October 1996 Czech Republic. Czech Republic Prague @ Sportovni Hala Setlist Audio  |  Video
5th December 1996 South Africa. South Africa Johannesburg @ Johannesburg Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
6th April 1997 Guatemala. Guatemala Guatemala City @ Plaza De Toros Monumental Setlist Audio  |  Video
8th April 1997 El Salvador. El Salvador San Salvador @ Gimnasio Nacional Setlist Audio  |  Video
10th April 1997 Panama. Panama Panama City @ Entrada de Albrook Setlist Audio  |  Video
12th April 1997 Colombia. Colombia Bogota @ Parque Simon Bolivar Setlist Audio  |  Video
15th April 1997 Ecuador. Ecuador Quito @ Coliseo General Ruminahui Setlist Audio  |  Video
19th April 1997 Argentina. Argentina Buenos Aires @ Teatro Gran Rex Setlist Audio  |  Video
22nd April 1997 Brazil. Brazil Rio De Janeiro @ Metropolitan Setlist Audio  |  Video
30th October 1999 United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates Abu-Dhabi @ Beach Arena Setlist Audio  |  Video

Countries Played 2000s.

def leppard world tours - 2000s

Countries Played - 10

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
15th November 2003 Poland. Poland Katowice @ Spodek Setlist Audio  |  Video
18th November 2003 Lithuania. Lithuania Vilnius @ sporto rumai Setlist Audio  |  Video
19th November 2003 Latvia. Latvia Riga @ Kipsala Hall Setlist Audio  |  Video
22nd November 2003 Russia. Russia St. Petersburg @ New Ice Arena Setlist Audio  |  Video
11th June 2008 Estonia. Estonia Tallinn @ Saku Suurhall Arena Setlist Audio  |  Video
1st July 2008 Greece. Greece Athens @ Karaiskaki Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd July 2008 Albania. Albania Tirana @ Qemal Stafa Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
4th July 2008 Bulgaria. Bulgaria Sofia @ Akademik Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
6th July 2008 Turkey. Turkey Istanbul @ MASStival 2008 Festival Setlist Audio  |  Video
8th July 2008 Romania. Romania Bucharest @ RomExpo parcarea B Setlist Audio  |  Video

Countries Played 2010s.

def leppard world tours - 2010s

Countries Played - 3

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
23rd January 2016 The Bahamas. The Bahamas On Board MSC Divina Setlist Audio  |  Video
30th September 2017 Chile. Chile Santiago @ Estadio Monumental Setlist Audio  |  Video
28th February 2023 Peru. Lima, Peru Estadio San Marcos Setlist Audio  |  Video

Hysteria On The High Seas cruise show played without Joe Elliott. Technically not in the country but played in the waters off Grand Bahama Island.

A planned show in Chile during the April 1997 Slang tour was cancelled at the last minute. They would return 20 years later.

Following Joe's appearance there in April 2012 with the Rock N' Roll All-Stars Peru was played for the first time by Def Leppard in February 2023 on The World Tour with Motley Crue.

Total Countries Played - 58.

The 1995 Morocco show was acoustic only meaning 57 of the 58 countries have been played electrically.

Countries Performed In - 58 (counting India-see below)

Countries Played 1990s.

def leppard appearances - 1990s

Countries Played - 1

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
19th November 1998 India. India Mumbai @ Channel V Awards Setlist Audio  |  Video

Two playback performances took place in India.

One was for the Channel V Awards where a few songs were performed to playback as the band received a lifetime achievement award.

The only band appearances of 1998. Potential shows in the country in both June 1996 and October 2008 were cancelled or taken off the schedule before tickets went on sale.

Countries Played 2010s.

joe elliott w/ rock n roll all stars

Countries Played - 2

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
19th April 2012 Paraguay. Paraguay Asuncion @ Jockey Club Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
27th April 2012 Peru. Peru Lima @ Jockey Club del Peru Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd May 2012 Costa Rica. Costa Rica San Jose @ Ricardo Saprissa Stadium (Cancelled) Audio  |  Video
6th May 2012 Venezuela. Venezuela Caracas @ Campo De Futbol Universidad (Cancelled) Audio  |  Video

Countries played by Joe Elliott with his side band. Two Def Leppard songs (Animal/PSSOM) were performed during the shows.

The Rock N' Roll All-Stars later became the Kings Of Chaos.

But for cancellations on this tour Joe would have also played in Costa Rica and Venezuela for the first time alongside Chile and returned to Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, and Colombia.

Countries Played 2010s.

phil collen w/ girl

Countries Played - 1

datecountryfirst venue playedrecordings
25th November 1980 Hong Kong. Hong Kong AC Hall Setlist Audio  |  Video

Played by Phil Collen as a member of Girl whilst it was under British rule before being transferred to China in 1997.

Technically not a country but an autonomous territory in south eastern China. Potential DL shows in China were mentioned in 2008 but never announced.

He was also the first Leppard member to play in Japan in the same month.


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