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A listing of all the countries played by Def Leppard on the 1995 Vault acoustic tour. Arranged by date/first known performance.

Countries Played 1995.

def leppard vault tour - 1995

Countries Played - 10 (* = First time)

datecountryfirst city/venue playedrecordings
3rd October 1995 Spain. Spain Barcelona @ Hotel Arts-Olympic Village Setlist Audio  |  Video
5th October 1995 England. England Sheffield @ Wapentake Club Setlist Audio  |  Video
18th October 1995 France. France Paris @ Europe 1 / Top Live Setlist Audio  |  Video
23rd October 1995 Morocco. Morocco * Tangier @ Hercules Cave (3 Continents In One Day) Setlist Audio  |  Video
23rd October 1995 Canada. Canada Vancouver @ Commodore Ballroom (3 Continents In One Day) Setlist Audio  |  Video
26th October 1995 Singapore. Singapore * Singapore @ Hard Rock Cafe / Channel V TV Setlist Audio  |  Video
October 1995 Indonesia. Indonesia * Jakarta @ (unknown venue) Setlist Audio  |  Video
31st October 1995 Thailand. Thailand Bangkok @ (unknown venue) Setlist Audio  |  Video
3rd November 1995 Australia. Australia Sydney @ Liberty Lunch Bar Setlist Audio  |  Video
11th November 1995 Japan. Japan Tokyo @ Shibuya Public Hall Setlist Audio  |  Video

10 (known) countries played in all in support of 'Vault' in 1995. Three of these were played for the first time.

View all dates in the 1995 tour section.

Not an officially announced tour but a series of acoustic concerts played during a two month promo trip.

A few more acoustic shows may have taken place alongside the interviews and playback TV performances that were conducted during the promo tour.

Only acoustic concerts included in this list. Other countries visited for interviews/playback appearances include Italy and Germany.

The date/venue for the show in Jakarta have not been confirmed.

23 countries were visited over eight weeks according to Joe. Acoustic concerts were not played in every country visited.

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