Monday, 19th March 2018
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PHIL COLLEN On DEF LEPPARD's Really Cool 2018 Tour Staging/Setlist

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Florida radio and mentioned the 2018 tour setlist.

Phil spoke to Joe Rock of 98.9 WMMO radio in Orlando, FL.

Phil talked about jamming with Journey/G3 Tour, enjoying playing live, Delta Deep, 2018 Def Leppard/Journey show/setlist, 2018 Record Store Day release, 2015 self-titled studio album, the new Tesla album, playing live/studio recording, Hysteria album/Mutt Lange, London Teenage Cancer Trust show, 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute show, Martial Arts/Working Out, inspiring people, 2018 Tour Setlist and what other band would he be in.

He mentioned the setlist again and some new tour staging to be used. Possibly another reference to the lasers he talked about in February.

Listen to the full 16 minute interview via the radio link below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Joe Rock/98.9 WMMO - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2018 Def Leppard/Journey Show/Setlist

"I don't even know yet because we haven't rehearsed. There are some really cool things that we're gonna be putting in the show that that we haven't even tried. So you know I'm not gonna talk about it yet in case it goes wrong. We have a Spinal Tap moment or something, but yeah we got some stuff coming and some of the songs."

"Obviously we have to do, you know, you have to do Hysteria, PSSOM, Love Bites, Photograph. You know there's a bunch of songs we have to play, but we are promoting the while catalogue. You know because if anyone didn't know, we actually went digital. You know you can get us on Spotify and Apple Music and everything. So yeah and we kind of held out, we was one of the last bands to do that and finally you can get our stuff. So this tour is really promoting our entire catalogue which some people have never heard before. So there you go."

2018 Record Store Day Release

"Absolutely yeah we had the privilege of recording in Abbey Road. We done a set like four songs. So that was amazing and it's great that it all comes out. You know and it wasn't just kind of a moment. It's actually recorded, it was a moment in time. And yeah I'm really looking forward to that as well."

London Teenage Cancer Trust Show

"Yeah which is an honour you know and I was a huge Who fan and this is such a great thing to do. It's the Teenage Cancer Trust and it's something Roger started, I don't know, in the 90s I think. It's a long time. It's been going a long time and we played some shows together in South America and Roger goes: 'Here, you guys would be great if you did this'. And we said it'd be an honour. So we're looking forward to that. It's at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We've never played there. It's like 150 years old. You know it's like Kings, Queens, Operas. You know, Cream live farewell concert. All of this great stuff happened there so and it's such a great cause. So yeah we're thrilled to be part of that."

2018 Tour Setlist

"We haven't had that discussion yet. I keep asking everyone. If there's something overwhelmingly is so popular we're not doing. Please let us know. If there's a way of doing that. Ask fans what's their favourite song?. You know we're obviously gonna play Photograph and PSSOM, Hysteria, Let's Get Rocked. There's a few of them we have to play. But something that we don't do that's overwhelming. You know so I would love to hear from anyone who kind of knows that and then we could whittle it down. You know and we could actually throw some of them songs in. It would be cool."

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