Wednesday, 14th February 2018
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD To Use Lasers On 2018 Tour

Def Leppard 1988. Screenshot

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has said the band plan to use lasers again during the upcoming 2018 tour.

Phil spoke to Klonk of 102.89 The Whale radio to promote the Hartford, CT show.

Phil talked about the G3 tour, 2018 North American tour, digital/streaming, Tesla album, 2018 stageshow, Hysteria recording/anniversary, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Pawn Stars appearance and his health/fitness.

He gave some exciting news about the 2018 stage show with the band set to use lasers for the first time since the 1992/1993 Adrenalize tour.

Metallica, Foo Fighters and Coldplay have all used lasers in recent years but not with the mirrors used by Def Leppard from 1987 to 1993.

The last use of extra effects on stage was on the final US leg of the YEAH! tour in 2006 with pyro being used briefly during three songs including a column of flames at the start of the show as they played 'Let's Get Rocked'.

And he also repeated his recent news about writing and recording new songs for the next studio album.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview below.

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Klonk - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2018 North American Tour

"We've been threatening to do it together for a while. It's just you know getting the time, really getting the stars to line up. And it was a successful tour last time, 2006. You know it's gotta all kind of line up and it finally did."

Digital Streaming Announcement

"So it's very much like, we released the Def Leppard catalogue, that was a long time coming, but you know it had to be the right time. We didn't just wanna release it and give all of our music away. We felt that it was, it had more value than that. One of us lost our life, Rick lost his arm. You know we've spent a fortune on it and we weren't just gonna like give it. So just waiting for the right time."

"So the thing with Journey is a similar thing, is waiting for the right time to appear if you like."

Journey/Def Leppard Stage Show/Lasers

"Oh well you know we try and raise the bar every time we go out on tour. So we're playing bigger places on this one. We're doing a lot of stadiums and arenas. So the technology gets better every year. You know the sound system gets amazing. The lights get better. We're even threatening on taking lasers out again. Which we haven't done since the 80s."

"So yeah you know that's really cool. And you know it's like being...I remember when I saw Rush when I was a kid and they had lasers. I was like what this is awesome!. So you know the fact that we can actually get to do that. I don't think anyone's done that for a while. So yeah I think we're gonna get the laser crew out again!. So yeah. It's gonna be nuts, totally."

Next Def Leppard Album/Back Catalogue

"Yeah I actually started. Me, Joe and Rick Savage have got songs on the go. It's just getting time to do it. I think this summer because I'll be touring on a bus and I've got my little studio.t I record everything on, just on my laptop speakers and stuff like that. I'll start digging into the Def Leppard stuff and I think that while we're on tour we'll just grab like Vivian can you sing this?. Get Sav to play the bass and before you know it we'll have the album actually started. Like I said I've already got one that's written and it sounds killer. So it's just a matter of getting everyone to play on that one really."

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