Wednesday, 31st January 2018
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by local TV about the 2018 North American tour and video is available.

Joe spoke to Elsa M. of Midday Maryland/ABC2 News along with Journey guitarist Neal Schon when he was in New York last week.

Joe talked about the 2018 North American tour, how the tour came about, new and older fans coming to see them live, the our length, what fans can expect and a quick mention of the Hershey, PA date.

Joe says the tour could have more dates added once tickets go on general sale from 3rd February.

Watch the full 4 minute interview video below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Midday Maryland/ABC 2 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2018 North American Tour

Joe - "Well, we are going out on the road together for the first time since 2006. So it's been 12 years since we toured together and we decided it was a good idea to go and do it again this summer. So 58 cities round the US and Canada. We start in mid May and we finish towards the end of October I think it is."

Neal - "It's gonna be wicked."

What made you wanna do it again?

Joe - "Well, in fairness we had such a great time the last time we did this that, there may have been a point that we were frightened to revisit it too soon because you don't want to spoil the memory of the first time round. And we both went our, 'scuse the pun, separate ways and carried on touring for a little while. But the fact is that the band's popularity, both band's popularity is not just maintained. It's actually been going up and up and up and up. And when it was suggested to us that we should go out again, and this time it's gonna be even bigger and better. More shows, we're going into stadiums. It just sounded like an opportunity that was too good to be true really."

New And Old Fans Coming To See The Tour

Neal - "You know I think that's. I think we're both blessed to have had the career that we've had in the past. Even if it was over, but it's not over obviously and we're attaining new fans every day and every tour that we do. I look out, I'm seeing it used to be one or two generations. Now a few years later it was three generations. Now I'm looking out and I'm seeing four generations of fans out there. And so it's really amazing and I think that we're, both bands are filling a huge void in rock and roll, you know, that hasn't been there for a while and we've been, both managed to...our stuff is kind of etched in stone. It's not going anywhere, where a lot of other bands that came out in our era are not as fortunate and so I think it makes total sense for us to team up right now and have one big blast out."

Joe - "Yeah man."

And you said that you are going to 58 cities is that correct?

Joe - "So far yeah. I mean it's early days. The tickets go on sale, I believe the tickets go on sale starting about the 3rd of Feb and depending on, you know, on the demand. We're open. We're very open."

What do fans have to look forward to from this tour?. What's gonna be different?.

Neal - "You know I think that we're, it's gonna be on a bigger scale like we were just talking about. They're bigger places. The production is gonna be bigger. The sound is gonna be more amazing. I think that both bands are gonna bring their A Game. None of us have stopped working.You know I mean we've been going at it since the beginning. And so it's not like anybody's rusty and we're ready for it you know. I mean this is something that I've been working for for quite some time with Journey, is just to get back into stadiums and back in bigger places 'cause we actually wrote the music for that and I know Joe feels the same."

Joe - "Absolutely. It's our home from home really. You know and the fact that it's that old classic example of bad mathematics where one and one makes three in putting these two bands together, it's just, it's everybody wins you know."

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