Saturday, 27th January 2018
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JOE ELLIOTT On DEF LEPPARD's UK Hysteria Tour Sales/Setlist (Audio)

Def Leppard 2018. By Wyatt Wendels

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed on Planet Rock radio yesterday about the 2018 UK Hysteria tour and the full audio is available.

Joe was speaking to Wyatt Wendels on Planet Rock radio yesterday morning.

Joe talked about the Hysteria & More UK tour, tour announcement, best thing that's happened to the band, Seattle/Grunge music, possibility of a Pyromania residency, No Ded Flatbird in the UK, Sparkle Lounge album, his 1997 dreadlocks, Don Valley, phone games, his Son And Daughter's Music Interest, the extra Wembley date, Taylor Swift, 2001 VH1 Hysteria Movie and the Pyromania song.

He mentioned how the tour had been planned since last year's 30th anniversary and the setlist. There will be no specific Ded Flatbird theme but possibly some different song changes in the opening set.

Listen to the full 51 minute interview via the radio link.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

The Planet Rock Jukebox - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

The 2018 UK Hysteria Tour/Announcement/Biggest Tour?

"Well I'm not counting but it's gonna be, I mean we did ten I think with David and the boys a couple of years ago. Yeah it's gonna be pretty close. It's always round about ten, maybe 8 or so. It's just got bigger as we speak."

12th Show Added

"Yes The O2 has gone. It's gone clean so they've added Wembley. No, it's the first time we've done The O2. So thank you, thank you, thank you very much everybody."

London Shows/The O2 Arena

"There is a prestige to certain things. When you're say in New York. I think if it's the way that you are, if you're that way inclined, Madison Square Garden is the only place you wanna play. There are other arenas, but everybody wants to play Madison Square Garden because of the connotations of the fact of the Eltons and Zeppelins and The Beatles and The Stones all played there you know you wanna go."

"The O2 is somewhere, we've always been a Wembley band. And then they because of this tour being the Hysteria album and all that lot. They figured well we could probably, we'll go for The O2 this time and they did and it's worked. But we're going to Wembley anyway!. So we're gonna do two. I mean London is big enough probably to take two different shows."

UK Tour Planning

"Well we kind of hinted at this. If you remember when we were talking last year when the box set came out celebrating 30 years. We did hint at this but we didn't. You can't announce something that's not tied down 100 percent. You can say yeah we're gonna try. And we were I mean we knew that we were gonna do this tour. We just needed to. We wanted to save it. But the thing is with the internet being what it is and social media. It's a 24/7 drip feed of information. So it's kind of like a nicely controlled firework display. We wanted this to be Krakatoa. We wanted an earthquake and a volcano you know. So we held it back until we were announcing the US tour with Journey, this and the streaming/download deal and all that stuff. So it all was like one big bang. So it gave me an excuse to come to London and talk to people like yourself."


"We've used pyro. We used pyro before Metallica used pyro. Nah I don't think we'll do that. I think we can afford pyro because a, it's not very expensive any more. But it's a bit cliched and it's a bit like. These days we're more into like the Pink Floyd thing. We like the screens and the content on the screens. And in fairness it's never been anything other than about the songs for us. Everything else is a nice addition to dress them up but you have to have a base. A strength underneath and it's got to be the songs and that's always been the important thing."

Pyromania Residency/No Ded Flatbird In The UK

"Wow you don't want much do ya!. We would like to have done. Since we did the VIVA! Hysteria thing in Vegas, people have been saying is there gonna be a VIVA! Pyromania?. And we've said look, we'd never say no to it but the difference is that's a 43 minute record. Whereas Hysteria's 63 and when we kind of embellished certain bits like Gods Of War you know. It comes in a at like 65, 70 minutes or whatever. That'sa huge chunk of your set. Plus the fact that we're gonna play - I don't think we'll do Ded Flatbird, but we will do something before and we'll do something after it of course."

"But we never really considered doing, you know, starting off doing Pyromania and then doing Hysteria. But you never know how it's gonna develop because when we were in Vegas. One night we decided to just play side one of High 'n' Dry of part of the beginning part of the show and just - and that was in sequence too and it's like we'd never done that before. That was interesting. So the great thing about that front bit is psychologically when we approach it on a daily basis. We go what shall we do?. Because that pool of songs before Hysteria will change out a bit. So they'll always be somebody complaining that we did Too Late For Love in Cardiff but we didn't do it in London because we played Good Morning Freedom instead. You know we just try and mix it up as much as we can."

His 1997 Dreadlocks Hairdo

"I had dreadlocks for about six weeks because I was guesting with The Spiders From Mars and I was messing around. I'd had a bit too much tequila one night and I decided I wanted to look like a spider. It was just when the Cybernauts were first doing their little Bowie thing."

His Son And Daughter's Music Interest

"My boy plays drums in triplets. He sounds like Dr. Feelgood. They both, my daughter who is 18 months old yesterday, she's a bit of a screamer. So I could see her following in the footsteps of like Mollie Marriott or something like that you know. He likes the drums, but he occasionally gets on the piano and bangs out a tune now and again. I don't know whether they really have the need or the want to do what I do. I mean I wouldn't advise them against it, because hey I enjoy it."

Extra Wembley Date

"Well had too?. Yes' it's been real traumatic to add a second show. Yeah I can't believe it, It's just, you know, we were waiting to see what happens and I got a call. As I was on my way here I got the call saying we've added a second London show. Wembley, so we get to do two in to different places. It's fantastic."

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