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DEF LEPPARD Guitarist STEVE CLARK Born On This Day In 1960

Steve Clark 1989. Steve Clark Sheffield 1989

Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark was born on this day in 1960 in Sheffield, England and would have turned 58 today.

Steve was born on Saturday 23rd April 1960 at Nether Edge Hospital in Sheffield, England to parents Barrie and Beryl.

He grew up in the Hillsborough area of the city and would join Def Leppard in January 1978.

Steve is buried in the Loxley area of Sheffield at Wisewood Cemetery not far from where he grew up and the house his parents still live in.

In January 2018 fans remembered Steve on the 27th anniversary of his death in 1991 in London, England.

Yesterday, 22nd April, marked 30 years since his last full UK live show with the band at King's Hall in Belfast during the Hysteria tour. The day before he turned 28.

Read some quotes about Steve from recent interviews by fellow 'Terror Twin' Phil Collen.

Earlier today a Pyromania Tour Video from Dortmund, Germany 1983 was reposted on YouTube in remastered form.

Steve Clark Birthday - Photo Gallery

Phil Collen - June 2014 Interview Quotes

Steve Clark

"The great thing about Steve he would come up with very unique stuff. I'd never met a guitar player that didn't do all the standard stuff like he'd come along and he'd play something that you'd never heard before. Really unique - you know stuff that was kind of completely out of the blue you'd go 'wow where'd you get that?'. You know he'd get Led Zeppelin riffs and turn them backwards and he'd do harmony chords and that. So he was amazing. Very you know insightful and kind of - and open and kind of - not just kind of linear. He would kind of go deeper. Very cool."

Steve Underrated?

"I do but you know but also I think Brian May is as well. I think Steve and Brian May. If you become the ultimate team player sometimes you get ignored a little bit as far as that stuff goes. Another one that's always surprised me. Jimmy Page is the most amazing arranger, producer and I think people got confused they said oh he's this great guitar player, which he is, but it was more the stuff he was doing. It was so unique and different you know and not just the same old, same old. And I think both Steve and Brian May fall into that category."

Def Leppard 1987. Holland 1987

Phil Collen - December 2015 Interview Quotes

Memories Of Steve Clark

"He was just such a wonderful soul. He was just like, you know, really funny and just like really intelligent."

"We were on this road to discovery. Not just musically. But all of a sudden you're in Paris. You're in somewhere where Picasso used to hang out. You're in a situation, culturally or otherwise that you would never have been to. You know you're meeting different types of people and it has an effect on you. It kind of opens your mind way up. So we were kind of discovering all this stuff together. That was great and you could converse with each other."

"Sometimes you'd go back say -school friends and that and you couldn't really relate that experience. You know whether it was relationships, some you know girl or whatever, or what had just happened. You know the fact that we were tax exiles which was kind of weird in itself. That you can only relate with each other. No one else really understands it."

Phil Collen - March 2017 Interview Quotes

Steve Clark

"I just miss him terribly as a person. This is weird; we could sit down and have an eight-hour conversation. He was my best friend. That’s kind of weird; I don’t know any other guys who I could sit down with and have a chat for eight hours and get into a deep philosophical conversation. Plus we were in the same band, so we were having all these same experiences."

Watch various tribute videos on this YouTube playlist.

Steve Clark Tirbute Videos.

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