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15 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Begin Three Night Run In TOKYO (Video)

Def Leppard 2002. Screenshot

Def Leppard played an X/Ten tour show in Tokyo, Japan on 25th November 2002 and video footage is available.

The show took place at the 2,000+ capacity Shibuya Kokaido (Public Hall).

The first of three nights at this venue which was the scene of their very first Japanese show in January 1984.

Over the course of three nights the band played 31 different songs.

The X/Ten world tour had kicked off in Sendai, Japan on 17th November.

The first time the band had played in Tokyo since another three nights stand in October 1999. One of those shows had been filmed and later broadcast by WOWOW TV.

The show was filmed in full by a local fan. A rare thing at the time with most Japanese fans not taking photos or filming during concerts and audio taping more popular (and encouraged/allowed by most artists).

The show lasted for around 1 hour 50 minutes with no opening act, as was the tradition. And as with most Japanese shows the concert started earlier in the evening between 6 and 7 pm.

The 22 song setlist featured four new songs from the 'X/Ten' album - 'You're So Beautiful', 'Long Long Way To Go', 'Four Letter Word' and 'Now'.

Ahead of the UK/Ireland tour the band had dropped 'All I Want Is Everything' and started playing the full electric version of 'When Love & Hate Collide'.

In a first for the band they also took an audience request during the encore. Playing 'High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)' after it was shouted out from the crowd. After Phil's brief riff teaser they launched into the full version having already rehearsed it for the tour.

Watch the full show and an individual video via the links and read Joe's onstage speeches.

Joe Elliott - Foolin' Intro

"Domo arigato Tokyo!. How ya doin'?. It's nice to be in town."

Joe Elliott - You're So Beautiful Intro

"Domo arigato Tokyo. Good evening. How are you?. Good to see you again. Three nights. So maybe we'll see some of you tomorrow. Yeah?. Maybe the day after tomorrow?. Well, thanks for having us for such an extended stint. We're here not only because, well, we like coming here a lot really. But we've got a new album out called X. This is a track from X. A song called You're So Beautiful."

Joe Elliott - Long Long Way To Go Intro

"We'll carry on with another track from the new album. The X album. This is gonna be the new single coming out early next year. This is a song called Long Long Way To Go."

Joe Elliott - Four Letter Word Intro

"Domo arigato!. Here's another for ya from the new album/ This one's called Four Letter Word."

Joe Elliott - Now Intro

"Domo arigato Tokyo. (after shouts for TSB). We're not doing Two Steps Behind on this particular leg of the tour. We're doing something a little different. For a change, This is yet another track from the new album X. And this one's maybe you're a little more familiar with as it's been out for a while. The video to this song covers the life of a Def Leppard Union Jack T-Shirt. All the way from 1983 all the way to 2002. And it's called Now."

NOTE - They did actually play TSB at the final Tokyo show on 27th November after repeated requests.

Joe Elliott - Armageddon Intro

"Domo arigato Tokyo!. Thank you very much. Hello. Vivian Campbell."

Joe Elliott - Rock Of Ages Intro

"Domo arigato Tokyo!. Thank you very much indeed. You alright out there?. It's gone all quiet. Are you alright out there?. Well this is the first of three nights in Tokyo. Domo arigato. And so far we've had a wonderful time coming to Japan from Sendai to Kanazawa to Osaka and Nagoya and Yokohama. And every night we've played so far Richard here at the back. Every night having bought himself the Fanny Craddock "Learn Japanese In A Day" manual. Has been attempting to entertain the audience with his Japanese language skills. Which are arguable. Maybe good. Maybe not so good. Sometimes he sounds Chinese. Sometimes he sounds Taiwanese. And sometimes he sounds Egyptian. But he managed so far four. And it's not "ichi ni san shi". (continues with a few more Japanese words) It is something a little more - I want you lot to show us right. If this is good or this is bad. Alright so are you ready?. You ready?!. (to Rick) Are you ready?. (Gunter Glieben Glouten Globen plays over the PA)."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speeches (1)

"Tokyo!. Domo arigato!. Until we meet again. Sayonara. Goodnight."

"Once again Tokyo. Domo arigato. Thanks for coming. We'll see you again. Hopefully real soon. Goodnight."

Joe Elliott - WLAHC Intro

"No big speeches for this one. This is from the Vault album. Only on the Vault album."

Joe Elliott - High 'N' Dry Intro

"Domo arigato. I've got a question for ya (interrupted by fans shouting for HND - Phil starts the riff). Where are ya? Where is he, who said that. Where is he?. Tomorrow night maybe High 'N' Dry. Okay. (Sav or Phil say they should play it) Alright then let's do it. Hand's up!."

(after song) "You see, it can be done. (Phil - "Any more requests?") Okay - Do ya wanna get rocked?."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speeches (2)

"Tokyo. Until we meet again maybe very soon. Look after yourselves. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having us. Sayonara. Goodnight."

Watch all the footage from the show on this YouTube Playlist including a video of the full show.

Def Leppard 2002 Tokyo, Japan Fan Videos.

Fan photos and reviews from any past tour can be submitted - Here

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