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23 Years Ago Def Leppard's Two Steps Behind At Number 32 In The UK

Sunday, 25th September 2016

Two Steps Behind 1993.

Def Leppard's classic Two Steps Behind single reached Number 32 in the UK 23 years ago on this day in 1993.

The first single to be released from the Retro-Active album.

It was released on 6th September 1993 having already been issued on 24th August 1993 in the USA.

The single had entered at Number 35 on 18th September and rose to its peak of 32 the week after on this date.

A further two weeks were spent on the Top 100 chart.

Unlike most of the five 'Adrenalize' singles released in 1992/1993, the band were not in the UK to be able to promote the song.

This and the lack of TV appearances meant it did not chart highly.

Read more about this song.

UK Singles Chart - 25th September 1993

  • 01 - DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake The Room
  • 02 - Pet Shop Boys - Go West
  • 03 - Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
  • 04 - M People - Moving On Up
  • 05 - SMV - Right Here
  • 32 - Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind

Crossroads 2008 - Joe Elliott Quote

"This is a song that was written about 1989 and sat on a shelf going rusty until one day Phil suggested that we take this song, which was originally done as like a big electric ballad like Love Bites or Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad. And he said let's just do it as an acoustic song. And we did it in about three hours and it sat around as a B Side for about a year."

"And then some guys in Hollywood said they needed a song for a movie called Last Action Hero. And they heard the song and they said we'd like this one please. So long story short they took it and they gave us a nice little hit out of a song that we had no idea was ever gonna be as popular as it's become. This is a little thing for ya called Two Steps Behind."

June 2005 - Band Members Quotes

Joe Elliott

"It had been a demo in electric form. Phil suggested we record it acoustically as a b-side. Michael Kamen put a string arrangement on it. And nine months later it appeared in Last Action Hero. It became a number one hit in several countries."

Phil Collen

"Iím not a great lover of ballads. Slow songs are easier to write. But I donít really like playing them live. Originally it was an electric song. But it was refreshing to do it acoustically and to record it in pretty much a single take."

Vivian Campbell

"Probably the first song I worked on after joining. One night over at Joeís studio. The playing is really, really loose. The backing vocals are also well ropey - not at all what youíd expect from a band like Leppard. But in a way that was itís charm. I like it because itís acoustic. I think it was the first time the band had done anything like that."

Vault Greatest Hits Album Quotes - October 1995

Phil Collen

"Recorded live in one night. A B Side, then a hit, lovely!."

Rick Savage

"Pete (Woodroffe), our co-producer, promised to quit if it became a hit. We're still waiting, Pete."

Make Love Like A Man - June 1992 Single Quote

"'Two Steps Behind' is an Elliott composition performed totally acoustically - bass, 2 guitars and voice. Our first recorded acoustic performance!"

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