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17 Years Ago Def Leppard's Goodbye Single Peaks At #54 In The UK

Sunday, 9th October 2016

Goodbye 1999.

Def Leppard's classic Goodbye single reached Number 54 in the UK singles chart 17 years ago on this day in 1999.

The second single to be released from the Euphoria album.

The follow up to the 'Promises'/'Back In Your Face' double A-Side which had reached Number 41 in June.

It was released on 20th September 1999 having been delayed from the 23rd August.

Sadly this was to be its one and only week on the chart.

A performance of this song, and 'Promises'/'Back In Your Face', was taped for Top Of The Pops in early June.

None of the songs were ever broadcast due to the low chart positions with neither of the singles making the main Top 40.

Read some quotes about the song below.

Eiffel 65 were at Number One on this day with their (long forgotten) single 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)'.

Only two rock type arts were in the Top 40 during this week. Sting at 34 and David Bowie at 36.

The Mutt Lange co-written/produced song 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' by Shania Twain was at Number 3.

Read more about this song.

UK Singles Chart - 9th October 1999

  • 01 - Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
  • 02 - S Club 7 - S Club Party
  • 03 - Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman
  • 04 - Melanie C - Goin' Down
  • 05 - Lou Bega - Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of...)
  • 54 - Def Leppard - Goodbye - (New Entry)

Joe Elliott - June 1999 Interview Quote

"Goodbye was written by Rick Savage and the influence was, it became Leppardized and we made it less specific than it was. But it was hands reaching out above adversity."

Def Leppard 1999.
July 1999

VH1 Storytellers - 26th July 1999 Onstage Quotes

Joe Elliott

"We're gonna do something from our current album Euphoria for ya. This is a song that Rick Savage wrote. Our bass player. Co former, what's the word?."

Rick Savage


Joe Elliott

"Co-dependent, Cooperative....Co former of the band. In other words me and him we kinda started it. 1970 something. Anyway, but this is his most recent composition. And it's a song which, it may kind of sound negative in its kinda of peripheral kind of a...."

Rick Savage

"No it doesn't. I wrote it!."

Joe Elliott

"You wanna fight?. Anyway the songs called Goodbye but it's not about saying goodbye. It's more about you don't have to say goodbye. In other words whether you've lost somebody you love. Physically or you've just spilt up with them. Or they've died or you've just parted company in whatever way. They're always there if you want them to be."

Rick Savage

"Couldn't have put it better myself Joe. Thanks."

Joe Elliott

"You would have just done it in about one minute. It takes me three minutes. Why say it in one word when you can say it in ten."

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