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Vivian Campbell On History/Future Of Last In Line And His Health

Saturday, 27th February 2016

Vivian Campbell 2015.
Pic by Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by HNGN about his Last In Line side band.

Vivian talked about his time and DIO and being fired from the band in 1986, the death of bassist Jimmy Bain, the history of Last In Line, recording the album Heavy Crown, the original DIO band and his health situation.

Heavy Crown was released around the world on 19th February.

The album made its debut on the UK Rock Chart yesterday entering at Number 7.

HNGN - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Dealing With His Health Issues

"When I first got diagnosed I actually had a really difficult time convincing the guys in Leppard and in particular Def Leppard's management that I could continue to do this and that it was the right thing for me to do. But my work is cathartic to me, and it's very much a big part of my treatment and my cure, and I couldn't imagine anything worse than being sidelined and not being able to go and perform live and do my work."

Jimmy Bain's Death

"It's very surreal, maybe even more so by the fact that the album was actually ready to be released a year ago, literally last spring, and we all talked about it and we collectively decided to sit on it for a year because we all believed in it so much that we wanted to wait until our schedules afforded us the opportunity to tour the record and to promote it. So it's particularly bittersweet that it comes out at this time, because Jimmy literally died a month before the release. He got to the 11th hour and he never got to see the release of the record. And we all truly believe in it and took such great joy in writing and recording this record and reconnecting with each other on a personal level after so many years, and probably none of us more so than Jimmy."

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