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Vivian Campbell To Make A New Album With Old Band Riverdogs

Thursday, 7th April 2016

Vivian Campbell 2011.
Riverdogs 2011

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell recently hinted at reuniting with old band the Riverdogs and has now almost confirmed new album plans.

Vivian was recently interviewed by Icon Vs Icon and said (without directly naming them) that the band have already regrouped to start work on a new album and that they have also been offered a new recording contract.

Vivian had already mentioned this new in a February interview with Mitch Lafon (see quote below) and also called singer Rob Lamothe - "One of the best singers I've ever worked with". And that their debut album contained some of his best ever guitar playing.

Their 1990 self titled debut album was reissued as a deluxe 2CD set by Rock Candy Records in March 2015.

The original band, formed in 1989, featured Vivian alongside singer Rob Lamothe, Nick Brophy (bass) and drummer Marc Danzeisen.

Marc played drums/sang backing vocals on Vivian and Joe's cover of 'American Girl' from the Wal-Mart Bonus CD in 2006 that was issued alongside the YEAH! album.

They reformed a number of times to write new music and played four live shows in California during August 2004.

The new sessions were eventually released as a mini album called World Gone Mad released in 2011 featuring 8 songs.

In the rest of the interview Vivian talks mostly about Last In Line, the Heavy Crown album and their future plans, and once again mentions a possible new Def Leppard album to be recorded in 2017, the tour break and his career in music.

Visit the Album News section. For more news on new music (based on band member quotes) dating back to January 2011.

Icon Vs Icon - Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

Riverdogs New Album/Record Deal

"There is another band that I used to be in many, many years ago that I am getting together with next week to start writing for a new record. I can't mention who it is yet but it is one of my past projects and we are kind of getting back together and we have been offered a record deal. I like to stay active as a musician, even if it just means going to the local club and playing. I have a little bar band that plays very, very occasionally. It is entirely covers from Thin Lizzy to early ZZ Top and early Fleetwood Mac from the Peter Green era and other stuff like that. It is kind of a quasi-blues rock band. Even if it was something like that, I really believe you are what you do. I have always been a musician, so I always try to stay busy!"

Original Grizzlies - 3rd March 2016 Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

Working With Great Singers

"There's another one I'll mention to that list that you probably don't know about. I did a record with a band called Riverdogs back in the very early 1990s right before I joined Def Leppard. And Rob Lamothe was the singer and the principal writer in Riverdogs and such an amazing, amazing talent. One of the best singers I've ever worked with. Certainly one of the best lyricists too."

Talking Metal/Mitch Lafon - February 2016 Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

New Riverdogs

"And I just got an offer to make another record with the Riverdogs. So it's good to be busy. It would be nice to revisit that. We just literally are in the discussions stages about the possibility of doing that though I wouldn't know when I mean the schedule is getting pretty busy. It's exciting to think about doing that again."

Cruisin' Bruce in the Morning - February 2015 Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

Record's He's Proud Of

"I'm also very proud of a record I made in late 80s or 1990s or something like that it came out. It was by a band called the The Riverdogs. It was on Epic and the record just, it died on the vine. I mean it just did nothing really and the band eventually just fell apart. But it was a really, really strong record and it think it reflects maybe some of my best guitar playing."

That Radio Show - February 2016 Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

"I had a great band called Riverdogs that made an album. Great record that flew totally under the radar ."

Eddie Trunk Live - November 2015 Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

"Riverdogs we did a bit of a reunion thing in 2004. And did a mini album. I can't remember off hand how many tracks are on it. But you know a half dozen or so And it was lovely to work with those guys again and Rob Lamothe, the singer in Riverdogs, is such an amazing talent. Not just as a singer but as a writer and a lyricist. You know but is one of those people that just flies under the radar you know he's not a well known name."

Hey everyone! Just an update. Everyone is doing fine. Rob and Nick are working away. Writing. Recording. Mixing. Loving...

Posted by Riverdogs on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Riverdogs rehearsals for 2004 shows in Southern Ca.

Posted by Riverdogs on Friday, April 3, 2015

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