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23rd April 2016 Remembering Def Leppard Guitarist Steve Steamin' Clark

Saturday, 23rd April 2016

Steve Clark 2016.
Pic by Def Mick 23rd April 2016

Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark would have turned 56 today and new photos of his grave site are available to view.

They were taken earlier today what would have been Steve's 56th birthday in the Loxley area of Sheffield at Wisewood Cemetery.

Mick visited Steve's grave again this morning and has shared more great photos.

They include a close up of the head stone with Steve's image, based on a Ross Halfin photo.

And also a great hand drawn picture of Steve left by a fan.

Explore the area yourself with the maps shown below which give you a view of the cemetery entrance and from above. Move the aerial map down and to the right to see the grave site from above.

Steve's plot is in the top right section next to the path about five or six rows down from the top. His grave is about two away from the path but can't be zoomed in on in great detail. This area is located around 5 or 6 miles away from Bramall Lane where the band first played together.

In January 2016 fans remembered Steve on the 25th anniversary of his death in London, England.

Yesterday, 22nd April, marked 28 years since his last full UK live show with the band at King's Hall in Belfast during the Hysteria tour.

23rd April 2016 - Photos by Mick


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