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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Steve Clark/Phil Collen On Desperate And Dateless - Rare 1988 Audio

Thursday, 23rd April 2015

Phil Collen/Steve Clark 1988.
Phil/Steve In Australia 1988

Def Leppard guitarists Steve Clark and Phil Collen appeared on an Australian radio show in December 1988 and rare audio is available.

They took part in a dating show called Desperate And Dateless on Triple M radio during a Hysteria promo trip.

The 'Hysteria' album was still climbing the charts in the country and would go on to reach Number One in August 1989. The trip also included a TV appearance (where the screenshot above comes from).

The appearance coincided with Phil's 31st birthday as you will hear.

The basic premise of the show was the celebrity (or non-famous) guests would ask questions to potential dates on the phone and then decide which one to pick. It would appear they went on their date in Melbourne the night after this appearance.

The hilarious audio contains many highlights. Listen below and enjoy.

Many thanks to Rick from Melbourne for sending this in. It was transferred from cassette and includes a few gaps but keep listening and the audio does come back.

Today of course marks what would have been Steve's 55th birthday had he not sadly died in January 1991.