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Joe Elliott Talks To Sixx Sense About Next Album - Video

Monday, 31st March 2014

Joe Elliott 2014.
Scrrenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed recently for the Sixx Sense show and spoke about the recording of the next studio album.

Joe talked about the Summer Tour 2014 with KISS, the setlist, the lack of competition between the two bands, Def Leppard getting along together and the next studio album, not playing new songs on the tour, touring instead of staying in one place, performing whilst sick and warming up for shows.

The Summer Tour 2014 with KISS which was announced on 17th March in Los Angeles.

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Sixx Sense - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

New Album Recording

"We're gonna make a new album. You see that's the great thing about stuff these days you don't go to a little rehearsal room and bang out some some then record them on to a little cassette player and then you go in the studio. You demo them on to Pro Tools. They become the masters. So all you do is you replace guide guitars with real ones but once you've got the drums down you've got the album started. So we've actually basically started an album. Truth is two of the songs we could actually release tomorrow. We won't but we could. And the others are in various different stages of undress if you like. You know some of them have got la la la melodies over the top of them and with some of them we haven't even got that far. But they're musically all - there's a cohesiveness there which is great. So we're gonna get back together in May, carry on with it. Maybe write more or just finish the ones that need more work. And then towards the end of that session we'll rehearse a little bit for this tour which starts in June. And then we'll get that rust off over here for a couple of days and test the gear and then production rehearsals in Salt Lake (City) for the first night and off you jolly well go."

New Songs Played On The Tour?

"No absolutely not because then it's a year old on YouTube by the time the album comes out. The world's been ruined by technology. At the same time as it's a wonderful thing it also has a dark side. And that's the one. If you face plant you're all over the YouTube."