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Joe Elliott Talks About Next Album/Second Vegas Residency

Friday, 28th March 2014

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Hit Fix for their Culture Pop podcast recently and talked about the next album and a return to Las Vegas.

Joe talked about the recent recording/writing sessions in Dublin and finishing off the record later this year. He went on to speak briefly about going back to Las Vegas to play the 'Pyromania' album.

He also spoke about the upcoming Summer Tour 2014 which was announced on 17th March in Los Angeles.

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Hit Fix/Culture Pop - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Next Studio Album

"We all just had a month at my studio in Dublin having a writing session. You know before we went in we were like 'Well look if we get two or three things on the go it's a good start' for whatever we end up with. And 27 days later we had 12 songs. You know all in different stages of undress. I must say literally there are two that we could release tomorrow. But the rest of them are halfway there. Totally lyric and melody free. And some of them have got la la la over the top but they will get written as time goes on. We were more concerned about getting the (backing) tracks so that we'd have something to try and you know turn into a song. So having got so excited about that we already decided to get back together in May before the tour to do some more. Or stroke finish off what we've started. And then we do the tour and then I'm producing the Black Star Riders album which is gonna take a month. But then we're gonna go back in the studio and hopefully finish the record. So that we would have an album out for next year."

Pyromania Residency

"Which again is another reason why the Pyromania. Whether we call it VIVA! Pyromania again is you know I don't know whether that works as well as VIVA! Hysteria. But whatever we do in Vegas there's no time. There's no like well you have to do it now or never. It's like look we want you back whenever suits. And right now to go back there in November instead of finishing the new album doesn't work for us. So the tour and the writing session has shifted Pyromania. Which it would be nice to do. It'll never have the same impact as Hysteria because it's the second time around. But at the same time going out there to play a 32 year old album as opposed to making a new one. It's a no brainer we rather make a new album. It's much more important to us. To our souls. To feed our souls - the muso in us to make new music than it is to retread 30 odd year old music."


"No we're doing it ourselves. We have a problem with producers that every single one of them falls short of Mutt Lange. So why don't we do it ourselves cause Mutt's never gonna be available to do it. The record wouldn't work the way that we've got it so far if we let Mutt take over. We'd end up going back to square one. Ronan McHugh who's made the last two or three records with Leppard. He did all the live out front and the record for VIVA! Hysteria and for Mirrorball and Sparkle Lounge the two Down 'N' Outz albums. He's an enormously talented engineer stroke co-producer. So I think between the ideas that we have and where we are in our career. We've got all the tools we need to make a fantastic record. I was just listening to Monster actually by KISS which was produced by Paul Stanley. It's one of the best sounding records they've ever made. Proof of the pudding you know they don't need Eddie Kramer. They don't even need Bob Ezrin cause they've made a great record."

"We have a real solid idea as to what we want. We speak. He interprets our gobbledygook. I want it to sound like Thundering Hippopotamuses. And off he goes twiddling and that's it that's the sound we need."