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Joe Elliott Talks About New Album In Grammy Video

Thursday, 27th March 2014

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has talked about the next studio album in a new video interview with

Joe talked about the second Down 'N' Outz album, what they have in common with KISS and the next Def Leppard studio album.

Watch the 4 minute video below.

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February Recording Session

"We went in the studio at my place. We'd just finished the Down 'N' Outz album the day before. I mean literally it was that tight. We finished it on the Friday evening and on the Saturday the guys started turning up. We turned the computer over you don't do tapes any more. We just opened up a new Pro Tools session. And we got together thinking we'd be together three and half - four weeks and maybe if we're lucky we'll get three or four songs on the go. We came out of that session 29 days after we started with 12 songs. All in various different undress in fairness. Some of them in fairness we could actually release tomorrow cause they're done you know. Some of them are just instrumental at the moment. Some of them have got la la la melodies over the top with no lyrics. So we were just continuously working on it. But we were really shocked at how much - we were backed up with songs. We haven't done an album since 2008. So there's a lot of ideas been percolating for quite a while. And it was a very open forum. It was a fantastically relaxed - it was the most creative period that I've ever experienced in this band because it was the five of us in one room with the co-producer Ronan. And we just banged out ideas and we weren't treading on each others toes to get an idea at the front. They all just had time to breathe and it was just amazing how we got so much stuff on the go."

New Material Direction

"Direction wise it's classic Def Leppard. It's all over the place. There's some pop, there's some blatant pop. There's some there's some 80s pop. There's 90s sounding stuff. There's classic 70s Zeppelin-esque rock. Long tracks. There's some songs that are barely three minutes long. It's cause we all write in such various different ways. Even internally. I come up with songs that don't all sound the same. One of them's fast, one of them's slow, one of them's a ballad. One of them's an out and out rocker. And everybody does the same kind of thing you know and then we Leppardise them. Everybody throws their bit in and it goes from sounding like a Joe Elliott demo to a Def Leppard song. Or it goes from sounding like a Rick Savage demo to a Def Leppard song. or a Phil Collen demo into a Def Leppard song. It was a very, very creative period and like most of our records it's a very varied collection of songs but there's always gonna be the lead off track which is gonna have some kinda of a classic Leppard flavour to it because that's the way that the business works. Everybody even our own common sense would tell us if you've got a song that sounds like Def Leppard but it's brand new it's probably be the one that's gonna go to radio before a more experimental track that's great as an album piece but not necessarily something that's gonna work on radio."