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News - Joe Elliott Morning Buzz Interview

Wednesday, 19th January 2011 | 

Joe Elliott was interviewed on the Greg And The Morning Buzz show in December 2010 while promoting the Down 'N' Outz. Joe spoke about the Down 'N' Outz album and then Def Leppard's plans for 2011. Joe also talked about his favourite Lep album and once again refuses to let the interviewer butt in (more amusing than usual on this interview). Radio station WNCX recently posted an audio clip from another 2010 interview which you can hear below. Also included below is another clip from the Artisan news video from July 2010 which claims to have Cartoon show info but really just talks about the bands deal with Primary Wave.

Listen/Download the full 11 minute Morning Buzz interview via the Radio link.

Morning Buzz - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"I think Pyromania is always gonna be a favourite of mine because it was that breakthrough record and it really did set out a message of change."

"And then the Leps go back out in June on the back of a new Live album with some new songs as well. We're recording some new songs as I - well not as I speak but when I've finished with the radio stuff I'm gonna be back in the studio."

"Yeah Leppard will be back out on tour by - I think it's early June we're coming out to the States. And by then the Live album should be out and I've no doubt I shall be talking to you guys again in Springtime."

WNCX - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"We're gonna be touring I think June we are due to start. Before that they'll be the live album out which will have about three or four new songs on it as well. There's a coffee table book coming out before the tour. They're still working on this cartoon show that they're gonna do. There's a live DVD. There's so much stuff on the go it's crazy you know."

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