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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 Def Leppard Radio 2011

18th UK. Real Radio XS, Manchester, UK Dewsbury Details
7th Japan. InterFM, Tokyo, JAPAN Dave Fromm Show News
25th Australia. 666 ABC Canberra, AUSTRALIA Ginger Gormon Details
18th Australia. 104.1 Territory FM, Darwin, AUSTRALIA Jih Seymour Details
12th New Zealand. The Rock FM, NEW ZEALAND Tracey Donaldson Details
00 New Zealand. Hauraki Amped, NEW ZEALAND Nik Brown Details
22nd USA. KZEP 104.5, USA Crash Details
22nd USA. Bayou 95.7, USA Kat Details
14th USA. 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles, CA, USA Mark And Brian Show Details
12th UK. BBC West Midlands, UK The Paul Franks Show Details
6th USA. Eagle 96.9, USA Bob Keller Details
26th USA. Variety Rock 105.1, USA Jim/Variety Rock Guy Details
26th USA. 103.5 The Arrow, USA Mark Waldi Details
26th USA. 103.5 The Fox, USA Colfax Details
17th USA. 3WS 94.5, USA Mike Frazer Details
12th USA. 3WS 94.5, USA Sheri Van Dyke Details
8th USA. Q95 Rocks, USA Gunner Details
4th USA. USA VH1 Classic Rock Nights Details
4th Canada. Sportsnet Radio Fan 590, CANADA Brady And Lang Details
29th USA. Bayou 95.7, USA Kat Details
29th USA. 107.7 KRXO, USA David Kelso Details
29th USA. WDHA 105.5, USA Terrie Carr Details
28th USA. 104.3 K-Hits, USA Eddie & Jobo Details
28th UK. GTFM 107.9, UK The Rock Show Details
27th USA. USA Rockline Radio Details
11th UK. BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, UK Andrew Easton Details
7th Australia. Mix 94.5, Perth, AUSTRALIA The Bunch Details
24th UK. BBC Radio 5live, UK Up All Night Details
17th USA. KLBJ 93.7, Austin, USA Kirsten Details
15th USA. 96 Rock, Raleigh, USA Foster Details
9th UK. Planet Rock, UK Nicky Horne/Darren Reddick Details
06 UK. 106.1 Rock Radio, Manchester, UK Paul Anthony Details
5th USA. USA Off The Record Details
4th UK. Planet Rock, UK Monsters Of Rock To Download Details
3rd USA. Blastpop, USA Mirror Ball Radio Special Details
3rd Ireland. 98FM, Dublin, IRELAND Dermot And Dave Details
28th USA. USA The Big Rock Show Details
28th UK. Kerrang! Radio, UK Kerrang! Radio Breakfast Details
22nd UK. Absolute Radio, UK Rock And Roll Football Details
20th UK. Talksport, UK Hawksbee And Jacobs Details
18th USA. Q104.3, New York, NY, USA Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show Details
17th USA. KQRC 98.9 The Rock, USA The Johnny Dare Morning Show Details
16th USA. Rock 100.5/KATT, Oklahoma City, OK, USA Rick And Brad Details
16th USA. 100.3 WHEB/WGIR 101.1, USA Greg And The Morning Buzz Details
12th USA. USA Loose Cannons Details
12th USA. 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles, CA, USA Mark And Brian Show Details
11th USA. USA Rockline Radio Details
10th USA. 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles, CA, USA Jim Ladd Show Details
28th UK. BBC Radio Kent, UK Roger Day Details
22nd UK. BBC Radio Wales, UK The Evening Show Details
21st UK. BBC Radio Manchester, UK Becky Want Details
21st UK. 106.1 Rock Radio Manchester, UK Ricky Kirby Details
19th UK. 96.3 Rock Radio, UK Tom Russell Details
9th Ireland. Newstalk Radio, Dublin, IRELAND Saturday With Sile Details
3rd USA. 104.3 K-Hits, USA Jack Details
14th USA. KFOX 98.5/102.1, USA The Greg Kihn Show Details
11th USA. Q95 Rocks, USA Bob And Tom Details
9th USA. PYX 106, USA Waking Up With Wolf Details
9th USA. KKRW 93.7, Houston, TX, USA Steve Fixx Details
9th USA. 102.5 KZOK, Seattle, WA, USA Scott Vanderpool Details
9th USA. 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles, CA, USA Mark And Brian Show Details
9th USA. i95 WRKI, Brookfield, CT, USA i95 Morning Show Details
8th USA. WDHA 105.5, USA Terrie Carr Details
4th USA. 94 WHJY, Providence, RI, USA Paul And AJ Details
23rd UK. Planet Rock, UK Breakfast With Lucio Details
00 UK. 106.1 Rock Radio, Manchester, UK Paul Anthony Details
8th USA. WMJI Majic 105.7, Cleveland, OH, USA The Lanigan and Malone Show Details
8th USA. WAAF 97.7/107.3, Boston, MA, USA Hill Man Morning Show Details
8th USA. 95.5 WIFC, Milwaukee, WI, USA Kallaway On The Rise Details
3rd Ireland. Newstalk, Dublin, IRELAND Tom Dunne Details
3rd UK. Planet Rock, UK Darren Redick Show Details
00 USA. Eagle 96.9, Sacramento, CA, USA unknown show Details
29th UK. Planet Rock, UK Rob Birnie Details
26th UK. Planet Rock, UK Nights With Alice Cooper Details
26th USA. Radio Screamer, USA Radio Screamer Show Details
16th Canada. Q107, Toronto, ON, CANADA UK Classic Rock Blog Details
10th USA. USA Classic Rock Artists Today Details
5th UK. Planet Rock, UK Nicky Horne Details

All of the known radio performances/interviews/appearances by Def Leppard during 2011.

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