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Tuesday, 27th April 2003

West Palm Beach, FL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Cindy

The West Palm Beach Def Leppard Concert was very similar to other reviews. The venue was not full probably 95% capacity in the seated area with some people in the lawn area (even while it was raining) but the crowd was really into the show.

Ricky Warwick was good and got a good response, however in my opinion they could fill most of the venues that they are playing if they had a known opening act (just my opinion). The show started off a little wet with a hard rain and lightning shower right before Ricky's set that lasted on/off through the concert. Viv again came out to play one song with Ricky.

Def Leppard did play ACTION, which I was pleased to hear since I have never heard them play that live and I am a big SWEET fan. The crowd stood for the entire event and similar to other reviews the sound at times was not right with guitars over bearing on Joe's vocals. Joe and the boys were really into the show and worked the crowd hard and the crowd responded well. Joe did play acoustic and did a little Sweet Home Alabama and got the crowd to sing along. The songs from X were NOW, 4LW, and LLWTG which was again dedicated to the troops. From my view 4LW was by far the best off of the new album and went well.

The concert started well, slowed during the X material and then as always kicked into high gear during the Pyro and Hysteria material with everyone singing along on every song. They performed the Rocket Extended version and Joe did a little Led Zeppelin during Rocket. Joe mentioned the last time they were in West Palm was 23 years ago with the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, then Joe went on how Rick is the silent one in the band and that he was going to start the next song and then those four words were spoken by Rick and they went into Rock of Ages. Def Leppard ended the night with Love Bites and Let's Get Rocked. Joe again said they will be back and there will be a next time if you want us! The concert was a blast towards the end I thought that Joe's voice was definitely hurting but the band did not disappoint any of the fans!!!! I can not wait for Daytona.

Fan Review - By KCfla

OMG! that's my first response to last night's show. First, to set the mood, at around 7:20 the thunderstorms started. Malvin came out as per normal to introduce Ricky Warwick. His set was really good, and he commented on how he was homesick,until the rain made him feel right at home! About 15 minutes after Ricky's set, the lights went down and the Leps took the stage. They just tore the place apart! The only time I say anyone sit down was during LLWTG, but not for long!! I have to say that you would never have known that Joe has a shoulder problem- he was going " full-throttle" all night long!

I had not seen the band since '88, and I can't believe just how much better they have gotten over the years. All of the band members seemed to be really having a blast- and the crowd just gave it back! Can't say much more except this was my Son's first concert, and He will be hard-pressed to match it in his life!.

Fan Review - By smargie

The show was awesome!!!! It was raining, thundering & lightning, but that did not stop the band and the fans from having a excellent time!!! They hit that stage with full force and it really did not slow down until they decided to sing a ballad. Which picked up again all the way through to the end!

Their vocals were perfect!!!! During the harmonizing on Too Late For Love, they sounded better than the album. Joe's voice was in perfect form and he did the yell like no other. They sounded heavier than I have ever heard them!!! All the old songs got a great reception, but it did seem that the new songs was the time for the beer runs. But that just meant I could see better when the people were out of the way! There were no signs of Joe needing surgery. He ran around the stage like a crazy Animal. They were all full of energy. I have now seen them 3 times and this was the best!!!.

Fan Review - By Kat

Thunder and lightning accompanied Malvin's intro of Ricky Warwick at the show. Ricky joked that the crappy weather made him feel right at home! Most of the audience did not seem to be prepared for a solo acoustic opener judging by the raised eyebrows and questioning looks, but Ricky won them over shortly into the first song. By the end of his set, it was obvious that he had won them over. Ricky put on another great performance.

Then it was time for the main event! Most of the audience was on it's feet with the start of "Disintegrate", and stayed there for the whole show! Everyone seemed to enjoy the old classics that kicked off the show. The light show was simple, but effective, they used lights to color the white X on the backdrop all during the show. They even had a slide of the pattern from the prayer necklace design rotating on the X with a red background.

Phil somehow managed to keep his shirt on right up until "Switch 625". By the time they played "Long Long Way To Go", Viv had given up on wearing his too. Sav had his shirt buttoned, one button, briefly!

Their energy level was amazing considering how hot it was. Joe, Viv, Sav, and Phil constantly worked the stage from one end to the other, without showing any signs of tiring. They were constantly interacting with the audience. Joe kept teasing one bunch of girls, acting like he would toss them his towel, then walking back to put it on the drum riser.

Joe got the acoustic guitar and played a verse of "Sweet Home Alabama", then had the audience sing the chorus for it. Great choice for a Florida song! Joe then played guitar on "Two Steps Behind" and "Now".

Then it was time for the extended version of "Rocket"! They did the version that can be seen on the DVD of the Don Valley show,with the bit from "Whole Lotta Love" in it. It was awesome! His voice was in top form all night!

For "Photograph", Sav brought out the Union Jack bass, and finished the show with it. It was over too soon!.

Fan Review - By Bill

Ok...first just let me say...this is the second time I saw Def Leppard live. First was in 93' in Orlando on the 7 day weekend tour..and then tonight..This show blew the 93 show away. They sounded so good on every song..it was just great..The boys looked great..and were laughing and getting the crowd going like i have never seen..the venue holds 8,000 seats and the lawn holds 12,000 for a total of 20,000 seater..I have to say that there was at least 15,000 people there..The place was packed..It felt so good to still know that there are still Def Leppard fans in the sunshine state.

The only down fall to the show was when Leppard played songs from the X album..a lot of people used that time for bathroom breaks, getting drink, shirts etc. I was pissed because those songs sounded so good live and alot of people were just there for the hits..but other then that, a rating from 1-10. The show got an easy 10. Best show I have ever seen. Even the light show was great. Better then I thought it was going to be..the icing on the cake would have been lasers. To me you can't have a Def Leppard concert without lasers but oh well..it was an awesome song..going to the Daytona Show on Wednesday. Can't wait.


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