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Friday, 29th August 2003

State College/University Park, PA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Barbara

Well, this was my 3rd and last concert for this tour. The guys were great like usual. Mal came out on the stage and was making comments about how he was told State College was going to be the #1 populated city in PA due to the football game, and how unreal he thought that was. He brought out a Penn State shirt he was given and put it on for us:)

They looked like they were having a tons of fun up there, you would see them making comments to each other and laughing, Phil at one point even stuck his tongue out at Joe. Joe was interacting with the crowd in a playful manner that was cute. They did a bit of "Radar Love". I finally met one of the band and got his autograph, made my day since I have been trying for over 20+ years. Phil Collen is the nicest individual you could ever meet. Well, till next tour:).

Fan Review - By Michael

State College (Penn State), is best known for the Nittany Lions. But on this night, it was all about the Nitanny Leppards. At 2nd row, this was the best show I've ever been too. Crowd reception was very good, as it usually is in PA. At the Pittsburgh date, during the encore, a lot of people began leaving - however, at this particular show, nobody budged. Chairs were booming, and people were clapping. There was a smaller attendance I think than I expected. I'd guess under 5,000 people attended, but they made up for it with being loud.

During "SLANG" (a personal favorite of mine), Joe ran 5 feet in front of me and pointed at the 'Slang' logo on my shirt. For that 5 seconds, I felt like the ultimate fan, and Joe grinned when he saw it.

The only bad part of the show, was when some blonde swiped my X shirt off the floor beside me. It had a Rick Allen autograph, so there was no way this was going to fly with me. I told her "Give me my shirt back", and the people behind me backed me up on it...so the wacko gave it back to me. Unfortunately, this was during the "Let's Get Rocked" encore, and I was a bit flustered at the nerve of the woman who began just dancing in front of me like nothing had happened.

The only band member who ventured outside for an autograph session was Phil. Like the Pittsburgh show, I let him use my sharpie for most of the signing. He signed my ticket, thanked me for letting him use it and was off. Honestly, guys. We will NEVER forget you, so don't even think about forgetting us.

Fan Review - By Tonya

The show was awesome. This was the 6th for me this tour and unfortunately the last. But what a last show it was.

The venue itself was excellent. I was unable to procure a photo pass for this show, and the media department felt bad, so when I arrived and checked in at guest relations, they sent out someone from the Leppard camp with a box of several hundred sugar packets and an original advertising poster (hard cardboard) along with a stack of about 50 small copies of it. The sugar packets are cute. Small tags on the front that say "Pour Some On Me." And then the show date, place and time. The workers at the venue (other than security) wore tuxedo's. Very classy.

This was the first show that I had such good seats. 3Rd row, Phils side. So, I decided, since I hadn't had any luck meeting Joe Elliott (on an autograph and meet quest for 20 yrs now), that I'd make a sign to grab his attention. From third row, he'd surely see it right?

I used lime green poster board and wrote, "SLANG WITH ME JOE" on it. They'd just finished singing a song and as he was walking across the stage I held it up. He stopped, read the sign and then grinned. He mouthed something but I couldn't tell what he was saying. Darnit. But then he walked over to Rick A for a second and said something to him. Rick probably asked what it said, who knows, but seconds later, they began playing the very song I'd mentioned on my sign. Of course, my night was made right there, until he walked back over, grinned again and locked eyes with me and sang the chorus to me. It's a wonder I didn't drop the sign and pass out. LoL. I do know I kept the sign up and sang back to him.

My friend says I turned to her after he walked away and screamed, "Did he really just sing to me." I don't remember doing that haha. She later told me that several girls in the front row turned around to see who he was singing to. She held up a sign as well with the first few words to Rock of Ages on it and he grinned and sang a bit of that to her. All in all a good night for 3rd row and I've determined that signs with witty, intriguing messages when sitting up close is the way to grab their attention. Phil saw them and grinned too.

I won't go into the setlist because others have already done that, but I will tell inquiring minds what folks were wearing. Viv had on black low rider pants and a button up shirt (came off at the end), Rick had on a t-shirt and shorts, Phil had on a pair of odd looking dress pants (shirt came off fairly quickly), Sav had on a white muscle shirt and patch jeans.

And then there was Joe (my man, if only in my lusting mind!) He had on the hand shirt he's been wearing so much lately and a pair of black cargo style pants. The ones with zippers and pockets on them. I know. The leather was out of commission that night. LOL.

I thought the crowd could have been louder at the beginning, but they got into the swing of it eventually. There were other ornery signs and the like being held up, but to be honest I was flying so high from the reaction mine got to care what the other's said. Haha. Felt like I was 17 again. And the boys acted like they were. It was great.

I do hope the rumors are true and that they will be back out in the summer for more touring! They just get better everytime I see them. They really love what they do and it shows.


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