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Tuesday, 30th September 2003

Spokane, WA, USA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Iamthegreat1

This was my 4th Leppard show overall, and 2nd of this week. Upon arriving in Spokane from Yakima (my hometown), I noticed that the crowd waiting to get in wasn't nearly as large as it was in Seattle. The Spokane Arena looked like the perfect venue for this concert though. When I finally got in the arena, I noticed that it was a half-arena setup (Star Theater) which made it look pretty small compared to Key Arena. With all that being said this may have been the best concert of the 4. The sound was EXCELLENT and the crowd was pretty hyped.

The new songs didn't go over quite as well as they did in Seattle but it wasn't dead by any means. When they hit the home stretch (Pyromania and Hysteria hits), the roof just about blew off the place. It took 11 mins (I looked at my cell-phone clock) for the crowd to finally stop cheering after 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. It was the best ovation I've ever seen at any concert. Also, 'Two Steps Behind' sounded 10 times better than it did in Seattle.

Security was really tight, and they checked everyone's tickets so it was really hard to get down on the floor. My friend and I had 6th row center on the floor and it was like trying to cross the Mexican/American border to get our friend down there. We did succeed though. Overall, like I said an AWESOME show that just makes me realize how sad I am that I'll have to wait a long while again to see them. Shoot, every day that goes by not seeing them is too long. :-).


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