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Saturday, 21st June 2003

Rockford, IL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Tonya

Let me just say that the boys just keep getting better! The only real problem with the Rockford show was the venue itself. Some of the employees weren't very friendly, to say the least. But, we went to see Def Leppard and see them we did. The crowd was smaller than normal (due to lack of promotion, I believe, by the local promotors). A girl standing beside us, who lived in Rockford, said that there was little advertsing on the radio for the show and we noticed that there weren't any posters or banners depicting the Leps at the arena. It is a shame. But, small crowd or not, we were LOUD. And the band was very appreciative.

Much to the crowds delight, 'Slang' and 'Make Love Like a Man' (very funny when Phil did his little part), were played this night! Joe's extra 'ditty' was a bit of Cheap Trick. This went over great, as apparently they are from Rockford.

To say they looked good is almost an understatement. Energy abounded, grins were flashing, and the flirting never stopped. Joe, sporting his black leather and muscle shirt, was full of winks, kisses and dimpled grins. Sav came over to our side of the stage and did his 'bang-lift' manuevre, much to the delight of everyone. Phil and Viv worked great off one another and Rick, was awesome, as usual.

Of course, what would a Leppard Concert be like without the mike stand tricks, innuendo and slight wording changes in certain songs (you know the ones I'm talking about!).

The entire band had a great time. It's great to see them still working so well together. You can tell they just aren't a band, but a family. They love what they do and they certainly know how to get a crowd going. I took along a friend, who at age 46, had never been to a rock concert before. She is still in shock. She was very impressed, as we all were, with the showmanship and the talent these 5 men possess. Joe was still favoring his shoulder a bit, but never let it slow him down. Can't wait for the next show! The show is definitely worth the $45-50 ticket price. GO SEE THEM!!.


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