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Saturday, 13th September 2003

Regina, SK - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Missysrock

This concert was sold out. I was on Vivian's side. I was so close, I could of walked on stage and join them. Def Leppard was awesome. They did a killer set, and the boys looked great. Phil took his shirt off, Vivian did near the end. Rick's drum solo rocked. Sav looked great in a tank top and jeans. Joe my darling wore black.

They prove to me he can still hit those notes. Def Leppard and me celebrated 20 years of rock and roll. My first show was really awesome. I really wished I brought a camera, and got a backstage pass. I would like to really thank them personally. This show gave me a whole new meaning of Visualize. Keep rockin boys. Can't wait till next year.

Fan Review - By Smiling Hank

I arrived at the Agridome at 7:15pm, the excitement was at it's peak. The listed capacity of the dome is only 5,647, but I think they squeezed about 2-3 thousand more onto the floor of the Arena, it was a sold out show, the place was packed. Ricky Warwick from Belfast, Ireland opened for the band at about 7:30 pm and played the following set from his Debut solo album to be released soon in Canada. He had a very strong stage presence, excellent voice and his acoustic guitar sounded fantastic.

Ricky's set ended about 8:00pm, and then there was an intermission, and finally about 8:30pm the lights went out again and "Disintegrate" began playing, the curtains opened, but they could not be seen yet, the dim spot light on the X curtain at the back dimmed even more as the band took there places. It was so exciting, too finally see my "Rock Heroes" once again, they then broke into "Let it Go" from High'n'Dry, and continued to play the following set: (see main page)

Words can not adequately describe the show, but as anyone who has seen the band live, will agree, they always put on the best show that they can. The small center was really Rockin, and was very loud, perhaps the loudest I have ever heard the place during a concert.

It was absolutely FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC, and of course, UNFORGETABLE!!!! They truly are the greatest Rock and Roll band ever!.


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