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Tuesday, 17th June 2003

Mankato, MN - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Jenna

This was an awesome show!! My seats were row 3 dead center of stage, an excellent view!! The guys were full of energy for this show!! I was able to take some great pictures during the show! They played 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)' and 'Slang' on this date. I had an excellent view of Rick Allen who was smiling for the ENTIRE show!! Got to meet and get pictures with the band after the show, they were all very, very nice! Now, I just can't wait to develop those baby's!! It was a very, very fun time!!.

Fan Review - By Penny

Wow, this is the 8th show since July last year and all I can say is - I want more, more, more.

Ricky Warwick was as awesome as always!! Some of us stood and sang and cheered for him. I was so happy that all but one of the people I talked to loved Ricky's music. The one was a so-so gesture and it was only cuz she was too excited to see Def Leppard. Love his new song that will be added to his CD out in July called 'Can't Live With Maybe!!' Loved seeing Viv come out for '3 Sides To Every Story' too!!

I can't believe how great these guys are and look! Every show is better than the next! I smiled at the venue announcement - 'Rock till you Drop Concert' Boy, they aced that statement. True to me at least... everytime!! The venue was small and it wasn't full. But Mankato is a college town so I would take it most of the college students had probably gone home or on summer vacation.

At this show I stood dead center and by the Isle so I bounced between 4th row and back to my Isle seat in the 7th row when security came around. This was the first Def Leppard concert for one of my sisters. Glad to say she and her guy Shannon enjoyed it very much! It was like all the guys had an overflow of energy up there. WOW!! Fun to watch them!!! They smiled a lot and had a blast with the crowd and hopefully were havin' fun themselves!! I notice too how smiley Rick Allen was behind those drums! Was nice to be at a show and get to watch him play! He has a very nice smile! Glad he is showing it off!! The setlist, love that they change it around, cuz I have really gotten a different show every time. This was the best so far cuz I heard 'Make Love Like a Man' and 'Slang' too!! (had to call my friend Sherri who is our Slang fanatic!!) 'Rocket' was sang with 'Whole Lotta Love' part to it. I love it, love it, love it!!! The whole show they just keep building you up and up and up!! Awesome! We walk away happy! I saw Joe fling a couple of Plectrums towards the front and he was swinging that towel of his around like he was gonna wing it out to someone in front. LOL

A fight broke out right in front of me. My husband had to pull me back so I didn't get punched. Got a hairfull of beer from that fight. But this tiny security gal pulled her arm around this big guys neck and plowed him down and took him out!! Whoa! There where a couple other potential fights but I think it might just have been that a couple pf peeps, just tipped a few too many. Everyone else was having a blast and lovin it all. Again it is so uplifting to be right along with the others who love this band so much. I got to meet a couple of gals from the OS forum that is always nice to see faces for the names!!

Great show! Great time! Don't miss it if you can help it!!.


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