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Saturday, 5th April 2003

Madison, WI - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Lepmaniac

Okay, everyone, pass the word around, at a concert, you're supposed to MOVE! Actually, it wasn't that bad, I'm just a little surprised, seeing as how DL kicked some major booty last night. The show started out with Malvin to introduce Ricky Warwick. Malvin, what a funny guy. He told us something about Joe going to the hospital, but excuse me I don't remember exactly what he said, he then proceeded to humiliate someone in the front row who was talking on his/her cell phone, "Turn that damn cell phone off, god, I can hear you talking on that damn thing louder then I can hear the f'n back row!"

The back row stood up and cheered in response to their mention. Malvin then introduced Ricky, talking about how he is from Ireland, and how he has an album out called, Tatoos and Alibis. The audience applauded and some cheered, but no one really got out of their seats. Ricky came out, and started jammin' on his guitar, all that I can say is WOW! that man has some talent! Not my kind of music but I was very impressed, his voice is so powerful too! After the first song, he introduced himself, telling us his name, about the new album, about the shirt that he was wearing, "You guys like my shirt? I finally got to wear it in the right f'n state!" The audience laughed and applauded, Ricky then played a few more songs, and who but Vivian Campbell should come out to accompany Ricky on one of his songs. I've got to tell you, it was nice to hear Viv during a solo and actually know that it's him. He sounded so awesome! there's really no other way to put it other then, Awesome! Ricky and Viv's voices blended so well too!! It was so cool! Anywoo, that song ended, with probably the best response for Ricky of the night. Ricky performed a few more songs he then thanked the crowd, played one more, and then left the stage to a pretty decent applauds.

The lights went on and we had a 20 minute intermission. We Will Rock You blared from the speakers and crowd showed their respect by singing the oh so familiar chorus... a few songs later, Def Leppard was ready to hit the stage.

The lights didn't go off right away, they just sort of played the intro until Rick started banging on his drums...the curtain fell to reveal blinding lights and Leppards, that from my distance, didn't seem to be there at all..but it didn't matter, cause they sounded frickin' awesome!!!!

Security was very loose, I saw people moving all over the place, no one even passed a glance....in fact, I saw this big bald security dude, tattoos all over, arms crossed, just enjoying the concert, of course he had to be right next to me....not that I was any trouble.

I'm sure that most of you have seen the fan reviews talking about how bad Long Long Way To Go sound live? well, that just wasn't the case Madison. I had very low expectations, but when the band started playing and Joe starting singing, I just dropped my jaw in awe..it sounded so amazing...I'm so thankful that I got to hear it that night.

According to Joe they brought the crappy weather with them, it f'n sucks, he thought that it was bad in England..they're so sorry and they promise to bring summer with them next time.....and boys, if you're reading this, feel free to come back this summer...and we're holding you to your promise too..you can count on that.

It didn't take Phil too long to be rid of his shirt....did he even come out in a shirt? I was a little disappointed with Viv, even though I couldn't ever see him, it would have been nice to at least know that he wasn't wearing a shirt..you owe me Viv.

It took a little while for the crowd to get into it, but then they got into it...they got into it!! Joe pointed out after Sugar.."boy, well that sure got you guys going, aye?" Wild applause followed.

It was time for Rick to get introduced, hands sprung up all over when Joe said his name, showing respect to this man, I couldn't see one person who wasn't clapping or cheering, he stood up and smiled, Joe talked about his big mouth, and how Rick never gets to say anything because Joe has a microphone and a bigger mouth than Rick....of course the crowd agreed...not that we mind Joe's big mouth and constant waffling, oh no, not us....in fact, as far as I'm concerned, Joe didn't waffle enough of stage.. Rick then said those four famous words..Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen.

Everyone was into it, even the statue next to me was waving his hands in the air, waving them like he just don't care.

One complaint..okay, the fact that I couldn't see is one, but here's one more....I ended up next to the wrong people...I swear to you that I was the only one dancing, singing, clapping, shaking my bon bon...ugh, it was a bit frustrating...what really bugs me is that if you're not even going to make an effort to show that you're actually enjoying the concert, let the people who are take your good spots!! I'm sorry but it was a bit pathetic, the guy that I brought told me that everyone in the back was moving....grrrrrr.... I'm sorry, but that's just wrong.

One more thing before I forget...Minnesota people, don't get mad- Joe started talking about how they were in St. Paul last night....quite a few boo's followed... and I admit it, I'm guilty! I booed!! but I didn't mean it..nu-uh, not me..it's just that I've never been apart of a group booing...and well, hehe, such fun it was.. Joe then placed a challenge on us...he wanted to know, if we could be louder then the St. Paul crowd...well, could we?!? Dang right we could!!! Well Madison, let's see what you got!! (okay, he didn't say it exactly like that, but you guys got the point right?")

Two Steps Behind then started...and the crowd sang, oh did they sing...the chorus was very loud, I'm not sure how we compared to the St. Paul crowd, but after 2 steps they seemed to be pretty impressed... it was all good after that...the crowd got so dang into it!!!! whew!! I wish that they had done that earlier!!

The encore, oh man, did they make us work for that..it was so cruel!!! Once they said their goodbyes, told us how much we rocked (likewise) they told us to have a great night...and I was having doubts of wether or not they would have an encore, but then I remembered the famous line that Joe always says and didn't say when they left the stage..yes, and the fact that the lights didn't go on was a dead on sign that they were going to be back....but JEEEEZZ!! boys that was just mean!! I want you to know that trying to get them back for an encore, was the ultimate reason that I lost my voice, cause I have a pretty big mouth myself, and to make moi lose her voice, is a pretty big feat, that very few have managed to make this teenager lose her voice, but I guess that the boys in Def Leppard have that gift....people were banging there feet on the floor, hitting the chairs, cheering, clapping, whistling, SCREAMING!! Come back!! Encore! okay, sorry, getting a little carried away.. (actually, i'm not sure if anyone else was yelling encore, but sure as heck I was..)

Finally! after what seemed like an eternity!!! they came out!!! the crowd went wild!! I went wild!!! I'm going wild right now!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!! "Thank you Madison!!!! you guys have been f'n awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Love Bites came on, I'm swaying, waving my hands in the air, singing it to my friend..he was looking at me like I was retarded...well, duh.....it ended, I didn't want it to end, but then of course, they had a question for us, an oh so familiar question.."Madison! Do you wanna get rocked!?!" Heck yes we do!!! The crowd of course, went absolutely wild!! they sounded amazing all night, and the last song sounded even more amazing...we even shagged the dog.. boy that was fun...hehe....

The show ended. Thankyou Def Leppard.........thank you so much....and don't worry, we won't ever forget you.....and until next time, and there will be a next time...keep rockin' for the fans.

Fan Review - By Angelg

I went to the concert in Madison, WelI I cant believe how wild it was, just the whole thing kicked ass, i skipped work for it and everything, i still have a hard time hearing some people, but hey it was worth it, it really kicked ass.

Fan Review - By Skyking

Well, this California boy was still freezing his ass off after St. Paul's show last night, but the 4 hours drive to Madison was well worth the trip to see the boys one more time. Again starting with Malvin and Ricky Warwick, the show and the excitement did not stop for 2+ hours. The Twin City show last night was a bigger arena and louder, but this show was no worse for excitement. The band again fed off the crowd, giving 500% up there. From the new stuff of 'Now' and 'Four Letter Word', to the old songs like 'Make Love like a Man' and 'Promises', the band just proved once again why they will last forever.

I would have liked to see them play Slang like they did before in this tour, but the classics of 'Foolin'', 'Animal', 'Sugar' and 'Rock of Ages' just made my night. The ThunderGod, Rick Allen, is THE best drummer around, one armed or not. He kept a thunderous beat as his nickname insists, and with those 4 magical words to start 'Rock of Ages', it was AWESOME! I hated to see this show end, much like last night, but to have experienced that special night from the 10th row, to feel the magic and power that IS Def Leppard, this California boy will be HOT for weeks!.

Fan Review - By Pammy

Before this show I haven't seen our boys since 1996 when they toured for Slang. The 5th was my 30th birthday and my husband and I flew out from MA to see the show in Madison. I was quite impressed with Ricky Warwick, my husband and I both looked at each other and said John Mellencamp? Ricky really reminded us of Mellancamp.

I have waited years to see DL live again and I was so excited to be in WI (away from home). I thought the show was totally mind blowing! They really had a lot of personality up there on stage. I have now seen the boys four times and this show ranked second in my mind (kinda hard to beat out the front row ticks we got on the Slang tour!). My only hope is that they will schedule dates on the east coast, we love them here too! The selection of songs they played was great I had hoped to hear tunes like Slang or Gravity but I came away from this show with the biggest smile! I hope to see them again real soon.


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