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Tuesday, 27th May 2003

Laredo, TX - Media Reviews

Def Leppard has rock-solid performance at LEC By Felipe Arizola

Def Leppard's performance Tuesday night at the Laredo Entertainment Center was as glossy as the band's CD covers.

The stage was illuminating. Sparkling neon lights complemented the band's memorable melodies, and it seemed that the band had also adjusted their sound to fit the times.

The band performed songs from their latest album, "X," as well as their classic poignant compositions which include "Love Bites" and "Bringing on the Heartbreak."

"It was in 1980 when I first visited Texas along with Judas Priest," Joe Elliott, vocalist, said on stage. "It's unbelievable that 23 years went by so fast."

Even though the glory days are long gone for the British pop/metal band, it managed to gather a good-size crowd at the arena, more than 5,000.

In 1987, at the peak of its career, the band sold 15 million copies of the "Hysteria" album.

It was with songs from that album that took rockers into a Def Lep Hysteria.

The album included hits like "Rocket," "Armageddon It," "Animal," "Pour Some Sugar on Me," and, of course, "Hysteria."

"I had a great time at the concert," said Fermin Garcia. "I also had the pleasure to meet Joe backstage. In his own words he said that he had a 'bloody good time' in Laredo."

Garcia also said that his favorite song was "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

The group didn't see a sign of success from the crowd as they played "You're So Beautiful," and "Four Letter Word," new material from their "X" album.

The band went on to play their classic pop/rock anthems filled with a powerful chorus.

As predicted, the crowd was there to reminisce the good old rock days with good old rock tunes. It was those tunes that stood out at the concert.

Frontman Elliott and his band proved why Def Leppard will definitely fall into rock legend archives. They did what they do best - rocked the crowd with their pleasing good schtick.

IN A NUTSHELL: Def Leppard had a rock-solid gold performance more than a decade after it reached its pinnacle.

By Felipe Arizola @ Laredo Morning Times/QuePaso 2003.


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