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Monday, 7th April 2003

Erie, PA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Missimace

I have just been to the most wonderful rockin evening I have spent.

The evening started with and explosive performance of 'Let it Go', The song sent the audience into an uproar. They followed with some old songs to get the audience in the mood (not that they weren't when they got there) and then the introduced their first song of "You're So Beautiful" from X. It was preformed in typical rockin' Def Leppard style. The next song they did from X was 'Four Letter Word'. We all went crazy for that. The band is so expressive with their movements and gestures and the audience can really feel that they mean what they are singing. When they introduced 'Long Long Way To Go', they dedicated it to the officers serving in the United States Military along with the British Military. The audience went mad in unison and really listened and felt the meaning of the song the way it was delivered.

The song 'Now' was done and the story of how they got the shirts the video was told. Joe commented to the audience to hold up their union jack shirts and then when he looked at one audience members they said "that one's bootleg" and the reaction was that of hysterics. They performed 'Now' and it sounded so wonderful. Then they played some more old songs and to me I feel that the best performance was 'Women'. They sounded awesome and the "female audience" just went crazy. Dancing, Singing and Screaming were all that was seen. When the guys started playing 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' is when the entire audience just went completely crazy. Everyone was already rowdy and having the time of their life....but when that song started it was 100 times more intense than it had already been.

These guys are truly awesome and I think that this tour really shows what they are made of. They are energetic performers who truly enjoy what they do and love the audience. The ONLY disappointment to me was the fact that they did not play any songs from Slang. That is a wonderful album and I was shocked that not one song was played. This concert was worth every penny. These guys played for 2 hours non-stop. I have never seen this done by anyone (except them back in 93).The talent of these guys has aged like a fine wine.They are very in sync with each other and they know exactly what they want to deliver with their music and that shows in every aspect of their show along with their music. They are truly wonderful entertainers and flat out MUSICIANS!!.

Fan Review - By Joe

OK...I don't want to go on and on repeating things that have already been said so many times...but... WOW..!!! I have been to a lot of concerts over the years.. but none can touch Def Leppard. We drove down form Canada for a little over 3 hours through a snow storm to go to the show and it was worth it,,, I'd do it again "in a heartbeat"

These guys rocked solid for two hours and didn't let up once... The whole place was on their feet and charged by the Leps. Each fed off the other. It was electric. Two hours went by too fast. We were fourth row center and it was getting near the end of the show when Sav tossed out some guitar picks..I dove over the row of seats in front of me to get one and almost broke my right hand when someone stepped on it in the frenzy.., but... I was able to use my left hand GOT ONE...!! Nice souvenir. The t-shirts were a little pricey but.. had to have one. Some 20 plus years have gone by since the Leps had their first big hits in North America but you would never know it except now they have even more of that FANtastic music to give us. They said they would be back... well, so will I..! Thanks Def Leppard.

Fan Review - By Anon

I visited this website every other day before the concert and read every entry. It's time to give something back.

I thought the show was fabulous! The Lepps looked great & did their best to please. I didn't think that they were as 'tight' musically as has been reported, but I'm not there to hear perfection... that's what the CD's are for. I just wanted to party with 5 Lepps and several thousand Lepp Lovers, and I wasn't disappointed! Their energy had me so wound up, I couldn't get to sleep till 5 in the morning. Whew!

The next part of this review is advice for those who have not yet seen the concert. First, it is loud, I mean LOUD!! Let's face it, good acoustics at a one night gig in an arena is next to impossible anyway. I had read about this in other reviews and prepared myself with foam earplugs, just in case. I ended up wearing them all night...and the concert was STILL loud!

Secondly, prepare yourself for poor security at the venue. I think more often than not, this is the case. I was in the 4th row, but by half way through the show, there were 6 rows of heads in front. I was still the same distance from the stage but it seemed a lot further away with all those people in front. They were pushing through, hopping over seats, even standing on seats near the end of the show. I guess it's all part of the excitement of the show, I'm sure the band wasn't disappointed. During 'Love Bites' a girl stood on a seat in the second row & sang the entire song, arms reaching out, to Joe. He seemed to ignore her till the song was over, then blew her a kiss. I think she collapsed on her friend because she suddenly disappeared from view.

Also, at the end of the show, Sav tossed handfuls of guitar picks into the audience, so be prepared if you are close to the stage.

We were told no cameras of any kind were allowed into the venue (per the band, not the venue), but since security was so lax, people were taking pictures anyway (2 are posted on this site).

All in all, a powerful night that I just can't seem to shake! I can't wait for the next time - and there WILL BE a next time! Def Leppard ROCKS!.


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