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Thursday, 18th September 2003

Edmonton, AB - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By VampLover

Ricky Warwick opened (as he was supposed to) and I think he was great. He wowed the crowd with his amazing guitar playing. I myself was rather surprised that he didn't have a backing band. There was quite a lull between his set and Def's, leaving some to wonder what was taking so long.

When 'Disintegrate' started playing and the lights went dim, we all knew what was coming. Then there they were, and the show started! I attended with my stepson, and I think I shocked him by being able to sing along with every song they played.

When Viv and Phil started playing 'Switch 625', I was genuinely blown away. Viv did an amazing job, one that Steve would be proud of. The "unplugged" bit featured Joe, Viv, and Phil all sporting acoustic guitars. Phil sang the first verse to 'Miss You In A Heartbeat', and did a great job. I forgot how good a singer he is. Then they played 'Two Steps Behind', and out came the lighters. They came out a few times actually. The lighting was spectacular, even though I got blinded once or twice. One of the things you get when you're right down front I guess! Being this close to Joe, Sav, Phil and Viv (lots of this one!) was more than worth the battle to get to the front of the pack. It's been 15 years since the last time I saw these gentlemen in concert, as I was fortunate enough to see them on the 'Hysteria' tour in '88, and the wait was well worth it. I applaud the guys for practically blowing the roof off the place, and I can't wait until they come back and do it again. Cheers guys, and we'll see you again soon I hope!.

Fan Review - By Shaunie

This is the 7th time I've seen Def Leppard in Edmonton and the second time at the Shaw Conference Center which holds about 4500 fans. I believe the set list was already, I didn't keep track but I was really disappointed that there were only 2 songs from the new album. I was prepared for that based on the set lists from the rest of the tour. So they did 'Now' and 'Four Letter Word'. I love X and I think it's a fantastic CD but they did a nice mix of all the old standards. We went early as it was Gen Admission and stood about 6 rows back at center.

I can't get over how good the guys look. They must be drinking from some kind of fountain of youth, especially Vivian and Phil. Joe looks heavier but still completely God-like and Sav has grown his hair back and it's blonde and long again. Rick sat there and smiled through the whole show. The crowd was really young compared to the last time they came through town. We were really surprised! The band sounded great and I was expecting Joe's voice to be shredded at this point in the tour but it wasn't he sounds great! The fact that I am now 40 was hammered home by the agony of pain in my feet and legs from standing in one spot for four hours. Ah well. I'll stand there next time as well....maybe I'll have a walker by then.


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