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Wednesday, 30th April 2003

Daytona Beach, FL- Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Kat

It was a great show! The bands' energy level just seems to increase with each concert! Joe, Phil, Viv, and Sav worked the stage from one end to the other, making gestures, shaking hands, and generally having a good time. Joe admitted to being ill, but it was barely noticeable, as the vocals were still top-notch.

When the new songs were played, I looked around in the audience to see the reaction they got. I was amazed, everyone seemed to know them and were singing along! The highlight of the night was "Slang"! I had been hoping to see that one. It is an awesome song live!

The lights for this one seemed a bit more elaborate, maybe because it was inside this time. Some bands may need an elaborate stage set up and lighting to impress the fans, but not this band, judging by the reaction of the audience when the lights came up, they were rocked to the core!.

Fan Review - By Susan

Def Leppard ROCKS! I went to work today with a grin on my face and ringing in my ears! What a great show! The guys sounded flawless, even though Joe mentioned that he's got a cough. He could have fooled me! The crowd stood the whole show and they seemed to respond really well to the new songs. This was my first time seeing them live and I couldn't believe how powerful their sound is! The studio records seem to make them sound more mellow.

I wish I could give you a setlist, but I was having too much fun to think about it. I can say that they played everything I wanted to hear and then some. A full 2 hour set! I have pictures, but I was in the 7th row floor with a disposable camera, so they're not so great.

Fan Review - By Kimmy

This, for me, was the best show out of the 3 I went to. The crowd loved this show from start to finish. They were on their feet the whole time - even during the new material. I thought I wouldn't hear Slang on this tour, but I was fortunately wrong. When they played it, I thought I would lose my mind for sure.

Joe sounded a bit better this night than the Ft. Myers show. He was still coughing, though - again apologizing for his voice and swearing it wasn't SARS.

This show by far is the most memorable for me - because I finally got to meet Sav before the show. I managed to meet all but him in 96, so this was a true treat. I told him I had been to the last 2 and how well they played, and he said, "it sounds like you've been putting in some miles". 15 years ago, I would have never believed this would ever happen - go figure. Oh, and Phil came out as well. I had him sign a promotional picture for Adrenalize, and as he looked at it, he goes, "can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?"...I at first said, "it's old?" and he said, "no, besides that"..."it's backwards?"..."yes, that's it". It turns out that the picture I have from Mercury was printed out backwards - this is something I had noticed years ago, but had forgotten along the way. And just like he said, "you can tell because Rick has his left arm in the picture". He is a very cool person to talk to - it's just amazing I was able to utter coherent sentences.

Fan Review - By Cindy

This concert was very similar to the West Palm Beach (WPB) concert that I reported on Sunday. Ricky Warwick was strong again with good audience response. The Def Leppard set was exactly the same as WPB, they played Action in stead of Another Hit and Run and for a change up played Slang which was a nice surprise the rest of the set did not change even down to the Sweet Home Alabama sing-along. One item of concern for the rest of the tour is that Joe's voice is hurting badly he even apologized during the concert and indicated he had issues with his voice due to sickness and needed the crowd to help out singing the chorus, which we all gladly did.

The venue an older one was full on the floor level up to through the lower level with spots of people in the upper levels. The crowd stood through the entire concert and was totally into it singing along to almost all the songs. Again things slowed a little during the new material and 4LW was by far the best of the three. This concert the sound was better than WPB and had the makings of being a better concert but Joe's voice problems really hurt the show. All in all the band did a great job keeping the audience involved all night and the band performed well. Can not wait for the next album and tour hopefully they can turn that around within two years? Until then KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!!!


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