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Friday, 13th June 2003

Columbus, OH - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Connie

We arrived in Columbus around 4pm and found the Schott right away. We had previously in Applebees agreed to stand up for Ricky..well I chickened out..I did stand when Viv came out. I know Ricky and Viv were looking at us all. Anyhoo...I did pick up Ricky's CD in Evansville and it is great! Get it if you can.

So the boys come out....do the HND start and I figure I'm not getting Slanged tonight..but lo and behold they do it! Everyone screamed. See guys we DO like that CD. Some girl had a sign in Evansville that said Joe Marry me I have lots of money..to which he said prove it..show me your bank balance then I have to see you naked...well in Columbus she had another that said Joe I have my bank balance. I think he just said Oh yeah? I met her outside the bathroom after the show.

I guess Sav had a lot of problems with his bass..I didn't notice because I really never look at him..sorry. The crowd really rocked and I think it surprised them because there weren't that many people there. There were alot of empty seats. I held up a sign that said I got the Peaches you got the cream during 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'..but Joe just looked at it. Joe dropped his mic during 'Let's Get Rocked'.

At the end of the show Viv looked in my direction ( I had 5th row) and said I like your hair. Now I had to turn around to see if he was really looking at me. I just got all of my hair cut off and before that in Raleigh I was in front of him so did he recognize me?? I don't know but I'd like to think so.

My friend wore my Sheff Wed shirt again and Joe gave her a thumbs down again. But Sav noticed it at the end and I swear to God he looked at her and threw the handful of pics at us!! She got 2 and gave me one. After the show we went out by the buses..actually at the top of the hill by a gate. So we stand there for awhile and I hear some people by the fence screaming Phil..so I scream back Phil we are at the top of the stairs and up he comes..got a pic taken with him here too. I was trapped inside the fence while everyone else came in to get there stuff signed and pics taken.

Fan Review - By Terry

DL were awesome in Columbus. The songs were different from Cleveland were 'Slang', 'Another Hit and Run', 'Foolin'', can't recall any more lol. Columbus rocked harder and longer than Cleveland did. Attendance seemed to be a bit more than Cleveland. Ricky Warwick opened and Viv came out for one song just like in Cleveland.

Got to meet Phil and Malvin after the show outside. And as everyone has said before he is a very nice guy. He signed my 2003 DL tour shirt and my ticket also. And shook hands with him as well. Malvin is a funny guy to say the least. So the trip to Columbus was a complete blast for me.

I was sitting on Viv side just up from the floor 5 rows up very very good seats to say the least. The crowd was on there feet from the very beginning to the very end and never sat down for even a minute.

Someone threw a bra on stage and Joe said it was so big he could use it as a hammock lmao. He also dropped the mic once I forget what song it was, but it was at the start of it. Phil look at him and they both started laughing. I am still on a high from everything that happened. Thanks to alllllllll the people I mentioned above so much for a great time. Until next time and there will be a next time.

Fan Review - By Luvsav

The show was AWESOME!! Hearing the first side of High N' Dry was awesome. Hearing 'Slang', was a surprise.

Over 2 hours of HEAVEN!! Everyone sounded/looked wonderful. It was great meeting some of you before the show and after the show at the hotel bar. Look forward to the next show!!.


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