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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By lpprdlvr

My day started out rather badly as I got no sleep after Friday's show. Went to the venue at around 9 and checked out a couple of hotels in the same block. The night before we overheard someone talking about bumping into the band at the same hotel a friend was staying at so of course I went there first. The band wasn't there. I found out yesterday that they stayed in a hotel close to the first venue!

Because it was a general admission show we lined up about 6:30. Not that it made any difference in the end because about 10 people shoved their way in front of us and then when they finally did open the doors it was a mad rush to the seats. I got lucky and ended up in the third row between Joe and Sav but the rest of my group wasn't so lucky, they were in sec.115. I was worried about what the crowd reaction would be like since the show was for Honda employees, unlike a show that's open to the public, ya know? Well, my worries were completely unfounded! The lower bowl of the venue was packed and the crowd was the loudest I've heard yet!

The Leps opened with 'Let it Go' and went into 'Make Love Like A Man'. It was mostly a greatest hits setlist, I guess because they figured that this crowd wouldn't be familiar with the new stuff. They did do 'Four Letter Word' and........'SLANG!' As soon as it started I dialed a friend so she could hear it again. I held the phone way up and during the last verse Joe saw it and gave me a smile and sort of shook his head!

As I said earlier, the crowd was absolutely amazing. At times it felt like the roof was going to cave in because the whole venue shook. This was my sixth show this tour and this was by far the biggest and best crowd. It wasn't lost on the band either. I've never seen them so enthused or having more fun.

Some personal highlights were when Phil looked down and saw me. He looked startled and then gave me a big smile and waved. Joe made eye contact with me a lot but it was because I was the only one in my section that sang every word to every song!

They did 'Love Bites' earlier in the set so they only did 'Let's Get Rocked' for an encore. Usually I just look through my viewfinder to take pics but during LGR I decided to do something a little different and held the camera over my head. Joe saw it and sort of paused so I hope the shot comes out great. Then came the absolute best part for me. When he did the line... "Suppose a rock's out of the question....." Joe looked directly at me! If I'd shaken my head any harder I'd have looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist!

We waited in back of the arena by the buses but none of the guys came out this time. Phil did wave as the buses went past though. I got home about 2:00 exhausted but in complete bliss!.

Fan Review - By Laurie

I was lucky enough to see Def Leppard here in Columbus, Ohio on 6/13 and again at the Honda event 6/14. They were incredible!! I have been a huge fan since day 1. I was real fortunate to know a security guy at the 6/14 show and was able to sit in the 1st row, center stage. I was so happy I actually cried when they came out on stage. I got some awesome pics and it was a night I will never forget!!.