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Tuesday, 4th November 2003

Cologne, Germany - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Roel

Well, Cologne, yesterday night in the Palladium.

Malvin came out to introduce Ricky Warwick, Skid Row and Def Leppard and barely got any response, so I wandered if that was going to be the mood of the night.

Ricky Warwick opened the show in a fine way, did his best to speak a little German, and actually it was understandable what he was saying. Played Three Sides To Every Story with Vivian.

Next up was Skid Row. Since the band has a new singer and a new cd I was expecting loads of new material, but instead they played songs mainly off their debut album. The band got a good response from the audience. setlist: Piece Of Me - 18 and life - (new song?) - Monkey Business - I Remember you - Youth Gone Wild. Great set. New singer is quite okay.

Then it was waiting for the main act: Def Leppard. (coma, we will rock you and RRp2) and then: Disintegrate intro. The lights went out and amazing light effects welcomed the band to the stage. Right on with Action and then they surprised us with a very good version of Let It Go. Fortunately the crowd was really good and was really into it, during the entire set. Singing and clapping all the time.

After Make Love Like a Man Joe took the time to apoligize for the long time they hadn't been around and then Foolin' was played, quickly followed by Women and Hysteria with Sav playing on the drumriser. When Love & Hate went down very well and then Phil was introduced for Four Letter Word. It totally rocked and it surprised me that so many people seemed to know the song. Promises also got a good response (great because this is one of my favourites).

Then things slowed down for four minutes for Two Steps Behind. Joe invited us to join the band and we did. Don't know if we were louder than Frankfurt so I guess not. From Two steps behind via Now we went directly into Rocket with a awesome dueling guitar solo by Viv and Phil. Joe mixed in a little Whole Lotta Love.

Vivian was introduced for Armageddon It and they played a killer version of it. After Photograph and Animal they went without stopping straight into Pour Some Sugar On Me. The Joe introduced Rick Allen as the guy who has been keeping the beat for 24 years and Rick got a big applause. Rick spoke the only four German words he knew: Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen: Rock Of Ages.

The band came back for Love Bites and Let's Get Rocked and stayed on the stage for a little while for all the applause. But with that a great night came to an end.


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