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Friday, 28th March 2003

Chicago, IL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Curt

I was very pleased to get a slightly different setlist than the High N Dry setlist, which I had gotten the first 2 times I saw them on this tour (Cedar Rapids 02 and Indianapolis 03). Great to hear Rock Rock and Make Love for the first time since the Euphoria tour and the severely missed SLANG! I was soooooo happy when Joe introduced it. "That was Long Long Way To Go, and this.....is......." You know how it goes.

Anyways, Joe dedicated LLWTG to all the troops over in Iraq. When he came out and was alone on stage with his acoustic guitar he talked about doing a little bit of different songs that go with the town (examples-Cleveland Rocks in Cleveland, Detroit Rock City in Detroit, Indiana Wants Me in Indianapolis). He said he has a good one for Chicago but doesn't know how to play it, but Phil does. So Joe talked for a few minutes until Phil got onstage, then he made him do it. So Phil started playing some acoustic guitar, followed by Viv, then Phil began to sing the song 'Jesus Just Left Chicago'. Very cool to hear him sing in person, not just on CD. So there's the basic review for you. The venue was packed and very loud. Milwaukee has a challenge (according to Joe...ha ha).

Fan Review - By Michelle

Well.....the show started with Ricky Warwick (of course) at 7:30 p.m. No offence to Ricky, he's great - love the music, but his 30 minutes is basically the same every time. No biggie. I still enjoy his performance. Then on to Start Me Up, Let There Be Rock, Coma, We Will Rock You, Rock N Roll Pt. 2 and Disintegrate with the cool laser/light show and then ta-da! The Leps! This show was my favorite of the 3 I've seen so far (Indy, Chicago, Grand Rapids). I think Joe sang better in Indianapolis but the crowd in Chicago ROCKED!

I had pretty good seats at this show. About 16th row on the floor. I had a great view for being on the floor. I was surprised. Joe dedicated LLWTG to all the Americans and Brits fighting in Irag. This brought on a huge response, as I'm sure that he knew it would. During the "acoustic" part of the show, about the middle, Joe is on stage all by himself and talks to the crowd. He's saying that he know's a song about Chicago but doesn't know how to play it, so he's waiting for Phil. Phil appears and does "Jesus Just Left Chicago" by ZZ Top. He sang it and everything! Rick's drumming is awesome. I've been watching him more and I am just in awe. I love the bit of a solo he gets at the end of Switch.

Does it bother anyone that people start to leave before the band comes back to do the encore? Sometimes I tell people that they're not done, sometimes I let them leave and go and take their closer seats! Anyway, after the show we waited out back by the buses. It was taking forever! Usually they come out after about an hour and a half. Then, someone said that Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora were there. I wasn't sure if I should believe them or not but sure enough a few hours later JB & RS left in some vans that were parked down at a separate entrance while the band came out the back by their buses. That was cool!

First Rick came out and signed everyone's stuff and took pix then Phil showed up, put his stuff on the bus and then sat on the steps of the bus and took care of everyone. Sav snuck out sometime and got on one of the buses. We learned in Grand Rapids that he'd been sick for a few days. Lucky me, was standing by the door Joe came out of, hand in a sling and all. I told him I didn't want an autograph just a pic and he obliged. What a guy! Vivian must have come out after we left. I didn't see him. Unless he snuck out as well! Well that was Chicago.


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