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Sunday, 29th June 2003

Albuquerque, NM - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Missy

The show was a success from start to finish. Ricky Warwick came on and rocked out for about half an hour. He got a great response from the crowd, especially when Viv came out to accompany him on "3 Sides to Every Story"... at least I think that's the song it was. All the people who sat around me were very impressed with his performance and wanted to pick up his album. Way to go Ricky!

When it came time for the Lepps to come out, it had gotten fairly windy. Joe said that they'd keep on rockin as long as it was safe. Congrats to the awesome road crew who kept the stage steady for an awesome concert! Joe seemed to be doing well with his shoulder. I rubbed it a little bit, but it didn't seem to be an issue. What I did notice, though, was Sav shaking and rubbing his left hand. 'm wondering if it was injured, or just possibly sweaty. Anyway, it was a great concert. Every time I see them, they get better and better. Joe made a comment on how the first time they were in Albuquerque was the summer of 80 supporting Ted Nugent, 23 years ago, and that they're still here, we're still here, and there's not a damn thing wrong with that. Rock on Joe! It was the best Lepp concert I've seen yet, and I hope to see them again next year!.

Fan Review - By Anon

Well the show kicked off with Ricky Warwick at about 7:30 to about 8:15. He was pretty good and got a nice response from the crowd. Before Vivian came to play the song with him everyone cheered for him since we could see him from behind the speakers.

The Lepps came on at about 8:30. They started with 'Let it Go' everyone stood up and we never sat back down. Some people in the back sections sat down during 'Long Long Way to Go' and 'Promises' which I thought was pretty rude! I was suprised that they did 'Bringin' on The Heatbreak' early since it was one of their big hits. Thats the song that started EVERYONE singing. Sav saw me (I think) on 'Make Love Like a Man' which I was pretty happy about:). Joe was talking to us and he was telling us that it was 23 yrs ago when they first came with Ted Nugent. He was all " And we're still here? Whats wrong with that? Not a D*** thing! I agree with him!

Before they started 'Rock of Ages' my mum thought that Joe said he was going to pick someone out of the crowd to introduce the song. So... she stood me up on the back of the chair and he was looking and he looked at me and made this "weird look" so there was another highlight :). But he actually was saying that Rick doesnt have a mic and he never gets to say anything so hes going to introduce the next song. They did all of the songs and said they were done and went off stage and said their goodbyes. We sat their and screamed and clapped forever and they came back to do their encore. They started with "Love Bites" which everyone was pleased about. Then Joe was telling us that he had a very SERIOUS question he just had to ask us and then he said 'DO YA WANNA GET ROCKED?' and they crowd goes wild!

It was sad that the concert was over because I could sit through it another 50 times at least! I would go and see them in a heartbeat! I was actually suprised that they did an encore beause the wind is getting pretty bad but they said they would hang on as long as possible and they did! We were going to look for the bus to get autographs but it got windier and colder and their secruity was pretty tight so no autographs here :(. But Joe did say there would be a next time and I WILL be there! The concert was amazing I was blown away!.

Fan Review - By PPoe

That concert was the best. Well me and my dad traveled there from Texas.

The drive was long but it was worth it. Well that was my first Def Leppard concert and it will certainly won`t be the last one. It was so loud I STILL HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF RINGING IN MY EARS. You can see that Joe was making eye contact with everbody who was there you rock Joe. We were very close we had second row seats well cant wait till the next one. Rock On Def Leppard.


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