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19 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD X/TEN Tour 2003 In Pittsburgh, PA (Fan Review 2)

Def Leppard 2003. Def Leppard 2003

Def Leppard played a show on the X/Ten tour in Pittsburgh, PA on 21st March 2003 and a second fan review was sent in by Shyleppard.

The show took place at Petersen Events Center.

Three other fan reviews are available from this show.

The first visit to this city since August 2000.

X/Ten 2002.

Shyleppard - Fan Review Quotes

"The energy level was extremely high on the stage tonight. You were overwhelmed by the heart and soul of 5 men who truly love what they do. They made us feel as if they were there soley for us instead of the other way around. The best response was probably with the introduction of Rick "The Thundergod" Allen. The fans went totally ballistic. One fan couldn't resist throwing her bra on stage to Joe which he promptly hung on Viv's microphone stand. He later asked if she wanted it back seeing as he had no use for it and when she replied no he suggested he could maybe use it as earmuffs."

"During the songs from the new album "X" you could tell a few in the crowd were hearing them for the first time but they went over well. Young and old alike enjoyed the show as there was an 11 yr old boy next to us rocking with the best of us. At the end of the show Joe assured us he would be back by saying "We'll come back to Pittsburgh anytime you want us to", and of course we do. He and Sav both reiterated the fact the crowd was in their terms F**king awesome. We try."

This and other archive concert reviews can be found on the show pages in the Tour History.

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