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Wednesday, 2nd May 1979
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  • Location / Sheffield, England
  • Venue / Dial House Social Club
  • Full Title / Dial House Sports And Social Club

The first show by the band in this city since April 1979.

The second time at this venue which was first played in January 1979.

This venue is located in the Wisewood area of the city.

It was not far from Steve Clark's parent's house and also the Wisewood cemetery where he is now buried.

The Grade II listed Dial House building was built in 1802.

From the 1960s through the the early 1980s the building was used as a social club and entertainment venue.

Other local Sheffield acts to play included Joe Cocker and Tony Christie.

In 2013 the building was restored and is now part of a new housing development. It had been closed as a business in 2005.

Another local band called Rockets supported the band at this show.

This venue is sometimes listed as being on Far Lane but that is another road that Ben Lane leads into further up from the venue.

The venue was never known as the Far Lane Club.

The band were reportedly paid the door takings for the night.

Since their last show on 23rd April the band had been back to Fairview Studios in Hull to record a second E.P..

The seven track session was eventually (illegally) released by the band's first managers in 1985 and titled 'First Strike'.

The sessions included rare tracks 'See The Lights', 'Heat Street' and 'Glad I'm Alive' as well as upcoming album tracks 'Wasted', 'Sorrow Is A Woman', 'When The Walls Came Tumblin' Down' and 'Answer To the Master'.

'See The Lights' was described in 'Animal Instinct' as one of the band's 'live staples' and along with 'Heat Street' may have been played at numerous shows around this time although only 'Heat Street' and 'Glad I'm Alive' are the only ones so far identified in any known and confirmed setlists.

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  • 00 - n/a

setlist - (Unconfirmed)

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  • Tour - Def Leppard Early Years Tour 1979
  • Fan Recorded - none yet
  • Venue - No Website
  • Venue Address - Dialhouse Social Club, Ben Lane, Sheffield S6 4FF
  • English County - South Yorkshire
  • Area Map - Google
  • Last Show Here - 24th January 1979
  • Capacity - n/a
  • Attendance - n/a
  • Show Time - n/a
  • Tickets - n/a
  • Total Gross - n/a
  • Promoter - n/a
  • Headliner - Def Leppard
  • Support Act - Rockets

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