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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 Live Fan Recordings 2007  | 

3rd Jul USA. USA Kansas City, KS Setlist 2CD Audio
7th Jul USA. USA Pittsburgh, PA Setlist 2CD Audio
16th Jul Canada. Canada Toronto, ON Setlist A- 2CD Audio
14th Aug USA. USA Wantagh, NY Setlist A DVD Video
1st Sep USA. USA Dallas, TX Setlist A- 2CD Audio
7th Sep USA. USA Salt Lake City, UT Setlist A DVD Video
9th Sep USA. USA Denver, CO Setlist A DVD Video
14th Sep USA. USA Sacramento, CA Setlist B+ DVD Video
15th Sep USA. USA Kelseyville, CA Setlist A+ 2DVD Video
16th Sep USA. USA Reno, NV Setlist A 2CD Audio V1
16th Sep USA. USA Reno, NV Setlist A- 2CD Audio V2
18th Sep USA. USA Concord, CA Setlist A- 2DVD Video
20th Sep USA. USA Phoenix, AZ Setlist 2CD Audio
23rd Sep USA. USA Irvine, CA Setlist A- 2DVD Video
27th Sep Canada. Canada Vancouver, BC Setlist A- 2CD Audio

All of the known live fan recordings from the 2007 Downstage Thrust tour.

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