Sunday, 25th February 2024
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DEF LEPPARD Set To Reveal Special PYROMANIA Announcement Soon

Def Leppard 2024. Def Leppard 2024

Def Leppard have posted a new teaser of a forthcoming Pyromania album related announcement on social media.

The third teaser of a big announcement in recent weeks.

A New Teaser Video

Just under two weeks since the last Pyromania teaser a new one has shown up.

This time similar to the first video but with the album cover and the four single covers shown alongside a 'Rock of Ages' music snippet and titles.

What is this about? - well the use of single covers and the album sleeve does suggest that that option #1 below (archive release/box set) is more likely.

The year long use of "#pyromania40" is also a good indication of something else...

As for any live/tour element - we will have to wait and see (there was crowd noise added to the teaser).

The timing of this teaser just as they are set to wrap up posting Whisky A Go Go videos seems to indicate a very imminent announcement.

This coming week should provide the answers to all the questions.

Or to put it another way we may "hear" something more very soon.

View the new teaser below.

Below is a recap of the previous teaser news.

Teaser #2 - Something's Coming

Three weeks on from the first teaser of a 'Pyromania' announcement the band have in the last few hours posted another tease.

This time in the form of a short message on social media channels.

The words "Something's coming..." followed by eyeballs and fire emojis.

Teaser #1 - Still Rollin', Rock 'n' Rollin' - January Tease

The teaser posted on social media/YouTube on 19th January was the first hint of a 'Pyromania' connection.

The lyrics Still Rollin', Rock 'n' Rollin' from Rock Of Ages were included in the clip and on the video descriptions.

As well as the message - 'Sign up to get in on the action' with links to the splash page of the band's website which also has a Pyromania album background and Def Leppard Pyromania logo.

Def Leppard Activity In March?

Will it be related to recent news of a possible live event in March which Vivian has had to cancel Last In Line shows for.

Archive Release/New Box Set?

Although it's hard to say what would be included the tease might hint at an audio release related to an updated deluxe edition and/or a box set with extra material.

There were of course no B Sides for the Pyromania singles other than High 'n' Dry and Pyromania album tracks.

Live Event?

Any Pyromania themed show and/or tour might see 'Comin' Under Fire' played live for the first time and 'Action! Not Words' for only the second time.

'Die Hard The Hunter' and 'Billy's Got A Gun' were already brought back in 2019 in Las Vegas having not been regularly played since 1984/1988.

Joe also specifically mentioned his desire to play 'Comin' Under Fire' live when they return to Vegas during the May 2023 'Definitely' book event in London.

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