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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 Frank Noon (Guest Drummer 1978)

Frank Noon Hull 1978.
Pic By John Wood 1978

Some details about Frank and a listing of which tours/releases he has featured/played on.

  • Full Name - Frank Noon
  • Birth Date - unknown
  • Instrument - Drums
  • Other Bands - The Next Band/Roadhouse
  • Guest Drums - 25th/26th November 1978 (The Def Leppard EP)
  • Guest Drummer - 20th-26th November 1978

Trivia - Frank was borrowed from The Next Band (who were based in Grantham, England) for the recording of The Def Leppard EP.

Trivia - Frank was offered the position of drummer in Def Leppard by Joe but declined and stayed with his own band. He later photographed the band on the 2003 UK tour and interviewed Joe for a UK rock music website.

Trivia - Def Leppard supported Frank's group The Next Band in December 1978 at a Christmas show in their native Grantham.

Trivia - Frank was briefly a member of the band Roadhouse alongside ex-Leppard guitarist Pete Willis.

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Releases Played On

  • Frank did not play any live shows with the band