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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 Pete Willis - Guitars

Some brief details about Pete and a listing of which tours/releases he has featured/played on.

Pete Willis 1980.
  • Full Name - Peter Andrew Willis
  • Birth Date - Tuesday, 16th February 1960 in Sheffield, England.
  • Instrument - Guitars
  • Previous Bands - Atomic Mass who became Def Leppard
  • Post-Lep Bands - Gogmagog/Nightrun/Roadhouse
  • Joined Band - November 1977
  • Left Band - 11th July 1982

Trivia - Pete was fired on 11th July 1982 the day of the Fifa Football World Cup Final. He had been drinking too much when recording 'Pyromania' and was unable to play his guitar at recording sessions.

Trivia - As of 2002 Pete was running a property management company in Sheffield with his wife.

Releases - (archive only/* = recorded in 1981/1982 but released after leaving)

Releases - (while in the band)