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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
X/Ten (2002)

Def Leppard X/Ten 2002. Def Leppard X/Ten 2002.

  • UK Release Date - 12th Aug 2002.
  • US Release Date - 30th Jul 2002.
  • Album Type - Studio Album.
  • Formats - CD/CASS.
  • Producer - Pete Woodroffe/Def Leppard.
  • Engineer/Mixed By - Pete Woodroffe.
  • Engineers - Per Aldeheim/Andreas Carlsson.
  • Project Guitar Tech and shredding tele licks on 'Gravity' - Stan Schiller.
  • Project Drum Tech - Jerry Johnson.
  • Studio - Joe's Garage 1 & 2, Dublin, Ireland.
  • UK Record Label - Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury.
  • US Record Label - Island/DefJam.
  • Special Formats - UK/Japanese Special Edition with two bonus tracks.
  • UK Chart - 14 (24th August 2002/3 weeks on chart)
  • UK Rock Chart - 3
  • US Chart - 11 (17th August 2002/8 weeks on chart)

Album Notes By DefDazz/Darren

The eigth studio album released by the band. Originally to be known as "Ten" the roman numeral but quickly changed to X when it was clear that's what people would be calling it. The title was used to signify the fact that this was the tenth major album release from 'On Through The Night' in 1980 and including 'Retro-Active' and 'Vault' - but not the 'High 'n' Dry' re-release from 1984. The album was not a major hit with either critics or fans but still sold fairly well. The album reached the Top 20 of both the UK and US album charts. Two singles were released and both 'Now' and 'Long Long Way To Go' made the UK Top 40 chart. The first single 'Now' gave the band another Top 30 hit in the UK.

UK Special Edition CD has 2 bonus tracks and slightly different inside art. Under the CD Holder part the shot is the 'X Prayer Box' pic not the band shot from the rest of the world versions. First Lep album to have a songs by outside writers only with 'Long Long Way To Go' and 'Unbelievable'. US/Canadian cover art is the negative of the UK/World artwork.

Album Info