Sunday, 12th April 2020
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Mötley Crüe Suggest The Stadium Tour w/ DEF LEPPARD Still Going Ahead

Def Leppard 2020. Def Leppard 2020

Def Leppard's 2020 The Stadium Tour with Mötley Crüe and Poison is still happening according to drummer Tommy Lee.

The Stadium Tour is currently set to start on 18th June 2020 in Jacksonville, FL at the TIAA Bank Field which holds 67,154 people and around 50,000 for concerts.

Mötley Crüe close this opening night.

Following the Coronavirus outbreak and disruption to almost every major tour around the world fans were wondering if and when The Stadium Tour would be postponed and/or rescheduled.

No news has been forthcoming until a new comment from Tommy Lee who says (as of 1st April) that the tour is still planned to go ahead as normal.

This will of course be determined by local rules on public gatherings and with over 500,000 people infected (and counting) in the USA it still seems unlikely the tour will not be affected in some say.

The 1st May 2020 show in Mexico City was recently cancelled with the Domination Festival organizers saying their event will not happen again until 2021.

Bon Jovi's 2020 tour with Bryan Adams which starts in early June is also still scheduled to happen.

Tommy also commented on the bands stage show plans including his trademark drum solo section and also his new third solo album release.

Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe are set to to be joined by Poison, Joan Jett And The Blackhearts and new openers Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts.

Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Poison attended a press conference to announce the tour in Los Angeles on 4th December 2019.

Read Mötley Crüe's thoughts on the tour from that day below.

Read the full Tommy Lee interview at Billboard via the link.

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December 2019 - Photo Gallery

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Billboard - Tommy Lee 1st April 2020 Interview Quotes

The Stadium Tour Still On?

Tommy Lee - "Everything’s still a go. We’re all in constant communication. Nikki and I have been in several production meetings."

Drum Solo Plans

Tommy Lee - "What am I supposed to do at this point? I literally have done the impossible — and all of it. Do I shoot myself out of a f--kin’ cannon? At a stadium, there’s no ceiling."

The Stadium Tour/Virus

Tommy Lee - "“By the time all this f--king apocalyptic bulls--t is over, I think everyone’s going to be in a really good mood to go out and have the f--king best time ever."

Def Leppard 2020.

Mötley Crüe - December 2019 Interview Quotes

2020 Bigger Than Ever/What does that mean to you?

Nikki Sixx - "I mean I think for us it was always about the show, was a very important thing for us. But it was really about the music. And that's what's cool to see the music holding up for so many years."

"And with the movie finding a new audience as well. They're discovering those same songs that we were working on 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago. That feels really good."

Fans Reacting To Older Songs

Tommy Lee - "It's definitely a trip seeing the fans and their parents and you see these little kids on top of the parents shoulder going 'Shout! shout!'. And you're like wow. That always makes you feel pretty amazing to see that. We've crossed over to a couple of different generations."

Nikki - "They'll be three generations now. it'll be like a, what do you call it, totem pole."

Vince Neil - "I see like little kids they've named their like. Like six, seven years old have named like their soccer teams to Motley Crue and they're little kids. You know they have jersey's on that say Motley Crue on them. You know it's like wow that's pretty cool. You know for kids that young."

Getting Ready For S tour

Nikki Sixx - "We gotta go into hibernation mode. We're gonna sleep for six months and prepare."

Vince Neil - "Wake up and just go. I mean there's a lot of sacrifice you know. You gotta do everything that you have to do. You now from running around clubs to running around theatres to running around arenas to running around a stadiums. There's a whole big difference. You gotta be ready for it."

Reality of the tour happening

Tommy Lee - "Yeah this is definitely it. It feels amazing. I mean we've played stadiums. You know in the past here and there. But never an official like stadium tour. So I'm, we're all looking forward to it man. It's gonna be frickin' amazing."

Vince Neil - "Until I actually saw the dates yesterday it still didn't feel real. And then now you go OK Miami, Wisconsin, Chicago and it's like wow. It's the real deal now."

Tommy Lee - "And we're gonna play the new Rams stadium here. We're gonna be the second band to play in there from what I heard. Taylor Swift and Motley, interesting."

"I was thinking of Dodger Stadium for some reason. That's what was in my head and then when I saw that was so excited 'cause it's so state of the art. It's gonna be the biggest and greatest stadium at least at this point in America. So can't wait."

Def Leppard 2020.

Def Leppard - 2020 North American Tour Dates

Sunday, June 21 - SAN ANTONIO, TX @ Alamodome - (4:30pm - MC)

Tuesday, June 23 - KANSAS CITY, MO @ Kauffman Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Thursday, June 25 - ST. LOUIS, MO @ Busch Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, June 27 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ U.S. Bank Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Monday, June 29 - NASHVILLE, TN @ Nissan Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Thursday, July 2 - CINCINNATI, OH @ Great American Ballpark - (4:30pm - MC)

Friday, July 3 - CLEVELAND, OH @ FirstEnergy Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Tuesday, July 7 - MIAMI, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Thursday, July 9 - ORLANDO, FL @ Camping World Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, July 11 - CHARLOTTE, NC @ Bank of America Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Tuesday, July 14 - ARLINGTON, TX @ Globe Life Field - (4:30pm - MC)

Wednesday, July 15 - HOUSTON, TX @ Minute Maid Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Sunday, July 19 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Oracle Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Thursday, July 23 - SAN DIEGO, CA @ Petco Park - (4:30pm - MC)

Saturday, July 25 - PHOENIX, AZ @ State Farm Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Sunday, August 9 - ATLANTA, GA @ SunTrust Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Tuesday, August 11 - HERSHEY, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Thursday, August 13 - BUFFALO, NY @ New Era Field - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, August 15 - PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Citizens Bank Park - (5pm - MC)

Sunday, August 16 - PITTSBURGH, PA @ PNC Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Tuesday, August 18 - MILWAUKEE, WI @ Miller Park - (4:30pm - MC)

Thursday, August 20 - DETROIT, MI @ Comerica Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, August 22 - WASHINGTON DC @ Nationals Park - (4:30pm - MC)

Sunday, August 23 - FLUSHING, NY @ Citi Field - (5pm - DL)

Tuesday, August 25 - BOSTON, MA @ Fenway Park - (4pm - MC)

Wednesday, August 26 - BOSTON, MA @ Fenway Park - (4pm - DL)

Friday, August 28 - CHICAGO, IL @ Wrigley Field - (4pm - DL)

Sunday, August 30 - DENVER, CO @ Coors Field - (4:30pm - MC)

Wednesday, September 2 - SEATTLE, WA @ T-Mobile Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, September 5 - LOS ANGELES, CA @ SoFi Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

List includes show times and headliner info.

Visit the 2020 Tour section for all the show pages.

Def Leppard 2020.

Def Leppard / Latest Release

Def Leppard / Latest Tour

Def Leppard World Tour 2020

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