Saturday, 3rd March 2018
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed and spoke about the upcoming tour with Journey.

Phil spoke to Jonathan Clarke of Q104.3 for his Out Of The Box show.

He appeared alongside Joe Satriani and John Petrucci as the G3 tour was in New York.

Phil talked about the G4 experience, Phil joining the G3 tour, guitar inspiration, the Def Leppard sound, G3 backing bands, three bands on the road, no competition, guitar player jokes, end jam session, guitar lessons, Jimi Hendrix, favourite songs of each other, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani's latest album, Delta Deep history, 2018 Def Leppard/Journey tour, Phil's workout routine and Phil's 2013 hand injury.

He again mentioned his excitement about the upcoming tour with Journey and recalled his 2013 hand injury which required surgery in Paris.

Listen to the full 21 minute interview video below..

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Out Of The Box - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Delta Deep Band History/Debbi Blackwell-Cook

"Yeah crazy. Well she sung at our wedding, me and Helen. She's Helen's godmother and she's known her obviously forever. And when I just heard her sing, she'd be round the house and before long we'd be singing together. I'd be playing guitar or something doing Motown stuff. And we done a little charity thing at this place. the Gerson Institute in San Diego. And everyone's going where can we buy this and we're like we're just goofing off. So we started writing some songs. And the next thing I reconnected with Forrest Robinson whose the drummer. He used to play with TLC, India Arie, that's where I met him. But he was also with Joe Sample and The Crusaders. He actually replaced Steve Gadd on drums which is a pretty big deal."

"But when I met him with India Arie he comes and he's got all these dreads and everything he said I just wanna be a double kick drum metal drummer. I'm like what, really?. So when we got the Delta Deep thing together it was like an extreme blues rock and Debbi adds gospel vocal. And I said do you wanna play drums on this and he said oh my god and it just kind of kicked in. And then a friend of mine said Robert DeLeo's a Motown disciple. You know James Jameson that's his thing. So it just clicked straight away really."

"Robert can't do this tour so Craig Martini, who I met on the G4 thing, he's insane. You know he's actually funk and same kind of thing. And had played with Paul Gilbert doubling those lines that Paul Gilbert plays on the bass. So he's been on this tour and it's been just incredible you know. But that's how it kicked off."

2018 Def Leppard/Journey Tour/Madison Square Garden

"Only once before. Isn't that weird. So that's really exciting as well you know doing those dates with Journey."

Played with Journey back in the 80s?

"Not in the 80s. 2006 we toured with them and that was incredible."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar