Friday, 23rd February 2018
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DEF LEPPARD To Play Europe/South America/USA In 2019

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed and spoke more about the 2018/2019 touring schedule.

Phil spoke to Chef Charles Carroll for his The Recipe podcast.

He was interviewed whilst in New York on the G3 tour.

Phil talked about G3 tour, his history, joining Def Leppard/Pyromania album, digital catalogue release, two year tour, band friendship/relationship, Eric The Trainer/health-fitness, touring schedule/diet, G3 Tour/Delta Deep, Def Leppard's 2018/2019 touring schedule, his vegan diet, Def Leppard memebers diet, best Def Leppard memories, Hysteria album, 1986 Donington show, Rick Allen's accident/ recovery, advice for himself and their late manager's advice.

He repeated his recent tour news about dates "possibly" later this year in Japan, Australia and New Zealand plus the 2019 shows in Europe (festivals) and a return to South America.

He again said more North American shows would be played in 2019.

This follows on from recent news about the Japanese, Australia and New Zealand shows. He had already mentioned European festivals and US shows for 2019.

Listen to the full 34 minute interview below.

Phil's segment starts at 6:41 mins and lasts until 38:20 mins.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

The Recipe Podcast - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Def Leppard Touring/2018-2019 Shows

"We are. We actually start in May and we're getting dates for next year. Already I think that they want us to do some festivals and we play England at the end of this year. And Japan, Australia, New Zealand as well. We haven't got those dates in yet and then next year will be Europe, South America and some more American dates."

"So it's non stop. It's like a bit of a snowball thing, you know, it gets rolling and off you go. So yeah it's really important to eat right and eat the right stuff. Enjoy what you're eating as well, as you know, it's like it's all about that. You can't just eat twigs and berries all the time. So you just have to balance it out and I think there's an absolute way of doing it, you know, I feel fantastic. at 60. I feel like better than I did at 25. So you know it's just a few things that, you know, just research it. It's pretty straightforward."

Manager Howard Kaufman Advice/2018 Journey Tour

"We have this theory, the reason we're around. our manager who passed away last year Howard Kaufman said you know said you guys we're gonna succeed by being the last man standing. So these other bands are gonna drop off. They're gonna have drug problems, they're gonna have this. They're gonna have alcohol problems. They're gonna have that. If you just keep going and going and going consistently back to that we'll be the last man standing and we'll be the last band out there."

" And that's exactly what's happening, you know, our ticket sales this summer are going through the roof. We're gonna be playing with Journey as well which is another great band. And it just keeps coming back to that thing. That consistency thing and the determination and not letting...and you keep having to improve as well. I know it seems a bit hard, but we actually sing better than we did last year, we play better than we did and I think you just have to keep that trajectory going. And yeah it's...actually it's not difficult. It's just what it is. It's just you accept that and you go OK, yes it makes it a little harder, but yeah we're gonna do that and boon before you know it."

"Again like the working out thing. Like Eric The Trainer he's like do it so you don't mess up your joints and just have a slightly different approach. You just go off left field there and figure something else out and it works a treat. So that's the advice I'd give."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
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