Monday, 26th February 2018
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD/JOURNEY Tour Tickets Sales Are Strong

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed and spoke about the upcoming tour with Journey.

Phil spoke to Nick Van Cleve on 107.3 The Eagle radio in Tampa, FL.

Phil talked about the G3 tour, playing with Joe Satriani/John Petrucci, digital streaming deal, remastering for digital, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Diamond Awards, 2018 North American tour/Journey, 2006 Journey tour and the Tampa weather.

Phil mentioned the upcoming tour with Journey in the USA and how strong ticket sales have been.

These sales resulted in a second Houston, TX show being added after the first night had sold out quickly. the first time the band have added an extra night in a US venue since the 2013 residency in Las Vegas, NV.

Listen to the full 9 minute interview via the radio link below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Nick Van Cleve - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Digital Catalogue Streaming

"Well we felt and feel that our catalogue is really valuable you know. One of us lost our life, the other one lost a limb. We worked so hard. We spent 5 million dollars on the Hysteria album alone. We'd put so much in, we put so much towards the value of that stuff. So initially when all these other bands, and labels, were just releasing all this stuff. We didn't wanna be part of that, you know, we had some, a clause in our contract that said that the label had to us and get our permission first. So we felt that the stuff was way more valuable than that. Than just releasing it."

"So it was just coming to an agreement and we finally did with our label which was just a few weeks ago. And it's been amazing. They're so cool about it and you know we reached the right deal if you want and an agreement and all of a sudden yeah we're out there. So I'm really pleased that it's out there everywhere for a lot of people that have never heard us before. So it's really cool."

Remastering For Digital

"No, I think when you go to different formats you kind of have to do that. You know because there's the sound difference. You know when you stream something or download it, there's a different kind of mastering technique than say vinyl. So yeah you have to do that. Ronan McHugh whose our out front guy. And he mixes and co-produces all the Def Leppard stuff with us. He's been remastering and doing all this stuff anyway. So like I said. Yeah it's a constant thing. It's a constant flow. You have to update ."

2018 North American Tour/Journey

"It is I mean already ticket sales suggest that. You know we...Fenway Park we're playing and, you know, through the roof the ticket sales and all of that. So a lot of people wanna see that and everyone says well why is that?. And I think you know it really comes down to the songs. Us and Journey have such a massive catalogue of like hits songs. When you see both bands, like when we toured before, it was really cool. You know Don't Stop Believin', Open Arms, Faithfully. And then we come out and we do Pour Some Sugar On Me, Photograph, Love Bites, Hysteria. It's like non stop and it really blows people away. So there is an excitement. It was really exciting last time."

"So now when there's less bands touring I think it's actually a bigger deal quite honestly. You know a lot of bands kind of fall by the wayside and they quite or. A lot of, just in the last couple of weeks, a lot of people have been retiring. You know they're not gonna...from Paul Simon to Neil Diamond to whoever you know and there's less and less artists who actually tour now. So I think when someone actually is up for it and, you know, we get better every year. I don't wanna say with age, but with experience we get better and better. Better singers, better players, everything. So yeah we're out there and we're prepared to share that with everyone and I think that's a big deal and that's what makes it a little bit more exciting as well."

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