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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Rick Allen Says Def Leppard To Play More New Album Songs In 2017

Monday, 20th March 2017

Rick Allen 2017.
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Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed last week in Florida and the full audio is available.

Rick spoke to DJ Orlando Alzugaray of 560 WQAM/CBS Miami last Thursday.

Rick talked about the Pyromania tour/Union Jack T-Shirts, the Fort Rock festival, the band's longevity, how much the band rehearses for a tour, the road crew, favourite songs to play, drum technique/technology, band friendship/chemistry, his artwork/the inspiration for it, artists who inspire him, drum artwork, selling art at concerts, Down 'n' Outz/Joe Elliott, the 2017 North American tour, playing new album songs live, playing full albums, new Def Leppard music, Photograph,PSSOM and Phil.

Rick says the band might play more songs from the current album on the 2017 tour and are working on more new music.

This ties in with Phil saying there would definitely be new music from the band in 2018.

Rick held two more art exhibitions over the weekend in Florida.

Listen to the full 28 minute interview via the radio link below.

The interview is broken up with a few ads during the podcast.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

The Big O Show - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2017 North American Tour

"This is actually. it's really a conclusion of the tour that we started (in 2016). And you know we feel as though the new record was so strong and we love playing those songs, that we wanna dig a little deeper into the new record. And this tour is literally 30 shows. You know it's not like a massive tour that we've done, like 2015 I think we did about 120 shows you know. Where as this is just wrapping the whole thing up and then I go get to spend some time at home and do some more art."

"2015 must have been Styx and Tesla. Great bill, fantastic bands."

New Def Leppard Songs?

"Always. There's always new songs coming up. Everybody's always got something on the go you know. So, and then when we get together, or we send stuff to each other, it's like 'Hey, I've got this as far as I can' you know 'Help me finish it off guys'."

"It happens a lot these days. Technology has really helped us in that way. You know everybody's got their home studios. So it makes it really convenient, really easy just to send ideas to each other and go 'Oh, you know do you have any ideas for this?'. And then you know before you know it you've got a brand new song."

Fort Rock Festival

"That'll be great. I do like doing festivals, it's really fun you know and you get to meet everybody you know, it's cool."

Tour Rehearsals/Live Show

"We take that part of it very seriously. We do a lot of prep, you know, a lot of rehearsal. The guys are forever warming up, you know, just getting their voices to where we sound like we do. And we, I just think it gets better."

Playing Another Album In Full Live

"We actually did it, probably about four years ago now. We did a run in Vegas. VIVA! Hysteria and it was fantastic and people really dug it you know it was great. It's very challenging to play the whole thing you know in that way, but it was a great success. And we've talked about doing other records in the same way but ah, when that's gonna happen, I don't know, but hopefully it will."

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