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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Phil Collen Looking Forward To Def Leppard/Poison/Tesla Tour

Wednesday, 1st March 2017

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed about the new Live DVD in late January and the full audio is now available.

Phil spoke to Tom Leu for the Sound Matters with Tom Leu podcast show.

Phil talked about the new Live From Detroit DVD, the 2017 North American tour, Save That Goodness, producing the new Tesla album, Ded Flatbird, new Def Leppard music, and who he would interview.

He suggests more new music from the band could be released in 2018 and spoke about the upcoming tour.

Listen to the full 13 minute interview below.

Note - this is the audio version of a print interview that was already published by Anti-Hero Magazine in late January.

Read the original news story which mentions possible Def Leppard new music.

Phil had mentioned in October 2016 that the band would be working on new music this year.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Sound Matters With Tom Leu - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2017 North American Tour/Excited?

"Yeah I mean we have - It's gonna be a hoot. You know obviously with Tesla, we have a real close - in fact, Iím with the guys from Tesla now because Iím producing the new album, so Iím up in Sacramento recording it. But you know C.C. and all the guys, it's gonna be hilarious. It'll be like a comedy event you know with C.C. out there and everything. And everyone gets on. Itís just really cool. So yeah, Iím really looking forward to that. And I also think you know a lot of places that we didnít play. Thatís why weíre doing it. Weíre continuing the tour, the Def Leppard self-titled album tour, and weíre hitting a bunch of places that we havenít played for ages anyway. So itís really good for a lot of fans who didnít get to see us at all."

New Tesla Album

"We're finishing off right now. We're doing like guitar solos, and the odd lead vocal. But it's the rock version of Sgt. Peppers. It's so diverse. Itís so thrilling. I mean I'm so buzzed about this. You know I'm coming from the studio. I mean itís got you know itíll sound like Zeppelin or The Beatles, it'll sound like Pink Floyd, or sound like Tesla obviously! But it's got all of these different elements in it that are kind of, the stuff that the guys grew up on. All the influences. Instead of just being in one area, itís right across. You know really great songs. We've all been writing the songs together, and just putting so much emphasis on the quality of it, and the emotion and the passion of it. So I'm thrilled to be part of it. It's just amazing."

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