Thursday, 29th June 2017
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PHIL COLLEN On DEF LEPPARD's HYSTERIA 30th Anniversary Release

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by Michigan radio and the full audio is available.

Phil talked to Steve Black of 101 WRIF radio in Detroit, MI on 8th June.

Phil talked about Live From Detroit DVD, 1983 Pyromania tour, the 30th anniversary Hysteria album release, Joe's being an archivist, not being political as a band, Jackson guitars, his signature guitars, Delta Deep, Manraze album, Professionals guest appearance, next Tesla album, being a tourist on tour ans other guitar players/Aerosmith.

Phil mentioned the upcoming Hysteria anniversary release and says the Manraze best of album is still being released with possibly a new song included.

Listen to the full 15 minute interview via the link and download the MP3.

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Steve Black - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Hysteria Album 30th Anniversary Release

"It's got bonus tracks. There's like 12 inch mixes and all the stuff that came out you know during that time. So it's, there's live stuff on there, so it's, yeah. There was a lot. There's a lot of history you know around that album. So it's yeah it deserves a fair kind of you know new version if you like."

30 Years Since Hysteria

"30 years is crazy. I mean I - just in any shape or form you know definitely. So yeah for sure. That is bonkers."

Hysteria Album 30th Anniversary Release/Joe Being An Archivist

"It is. Everyone does different things in the band. Like Joe is our archivist. So he knows of stuff that all of us have completely forgotten about. Like he'll go: 'You remember that time you know we were in the basement in Hilversum studios in Holland one night and they needed this extra track and there was this edit'. And it's like no. He said: 'Well I've got a version of it'. You know so he's been collecting all this stuff over the years. So it's great because you know all this stuff kind of exists in his basement and you know he - we keep all this stuff."

"So it's exciting when something like that happens and you can actually bring this stuff out. And it's actually gets a second life. You know it's a - or even a first life in some cases. Some of this stuff kind of was just hidden and has kind of surfaced for the first time. So yeah that's pretty much how it works you know everyone kind of does a different thing in the band and we all kind of work towards the greater we which is the band itself. So yeah that's exciting."

Manraze Best Of Album/Possible New Song

"And there's a Manraze kind of Best Of coming out and we actually may get together and write a song."

New Def Leppard Music

"And then there's new Def Leppard music that we've already started writing as well. So lots going on."

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