Monday, 23rd January 2017
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Joe Elliott Says Def Leppard's Live From Detroit DVD Was His Idea

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Utah radio and mentioned the new live DVD.

Joe spoke to DJ Mark Waldi of 103.5 The Arrow radio in Salt Lake City, UT about the new release which comes out on 27th January in the UK and Japan (10th February elsewhere).

Joe talked about the Salt Lake City show, recording the Mirrorball live album in SLC, past SLC shows, the current album, band longevity/staying busy, solo projects, Rick Savage, Rick Allen, nicknames he has, being the frontman of the band, the Def Leppard band name question, any hobbies he has, their albums, the new Live From Detroit DVD, the end of show catchphrase and some random fan questions.

Joe says it was him who came up with the idea for a new live DVD and it's title based on his usual end of show speeches.

Listen to the full 17 minute interview below.

Phil spoke to the same DJ back in September 2016.

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Mark Waldi/103.5 The Arrow - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2017 Salt Lake City Show

"It's one of the greatest amphitheatres in the States and we've played it countless times. And the crowds get bigger and bigger every time we come back. So what's not to like. It's a fantastic facility and and amazing audience. Always a pleasure to be there you know."

Salt Lake City Audiences

"Yeah and you have to remember as well 2011 when we released our live album Mirrorball. A couple of the songs, actually quite a chunk of that set was actually recorded there. There's a song on the album, the version of C'mon C'mon, you can actually hear me screaming out Salt Lake City!!! in the middle of the song. So you know it has always been a good place for us. It's got very positive vibes whenever we go there."

"You as I said it's just one of those amazing kind of places. We've always had a great relationship with Salt Lake. I remember when we played there in 1987/88 on the Hysteria tour [once in 887, twice in '88] the audiences were frenzied then and still are. Certain bands just have a - there's a relationship I guess which is obviously perpetuated by radio. So I mean thanks to you guys as well."

Live From Detroit DVD

"We kind of were sat around twiddling our thumbs last Spring and I just kind of mentioned to everybody. I said you do realise that we haven't released a live concert DVD since the one that came out on VHS tape in 1988 or 1989 which was the In The Round-In Your Face. Yes, we did release VIVA! Hysteria which was essentially just us doing that one album. So it wasn't a concert performance as such. And I said I think we owe it to ourselves and our fans to actually update our catalogue from a visual point of view instead of just raw stuff that's on YouTube and what have you."

"So we decided, we had a look at the dates, and we talked to the video people that we wanted to film it and direct it for us and they chose the Detroit venue. The DTE in Detroit last summer. It was a sell out. So we knew - it was Friday night I believe, it was always gonna be a great show from that point of view. But it has an edge to it because you know you're recording it and it was the only one we were recording. It's like you know it's a warts and all kind of thing."

"With the live album that came out in 2011, we pick and chose which performances we liked and put the album together as a concert but it was from maybe six of seven different performances. This was one performance in Detroit. So it's a bit more edgy in that respect because you know you've got the red light on. You know you're recording and you're entertaining people but at the same time you're aware that you're being filmed. So there's that kind of extra excitement or pressure on the band to deliver you know and it - we believe it turned out really well."

And There Will Be A Next Time Title

"Yeah well we kind of decided to try and write our own cliches you know. It was one of those things that I think I went a couple of gigs 'Yeah I'm not gonna say that any more'. I'm kind of you know, I'm over it. And then we started getting these messages through social media going he didn't say And there will be a next time, are they splitting up?. You know and it's like wow."

"So people actually, it's not just a - it's actually part of the show. It's almost like the guy that introduces the Wrestling that extends the word really long when he introduces the wrestlers or whatever. You know it's kind of part of the and it's become so kind of iconic to certain parts of our crowd that if I don't you know there's a big complaint. That they think we're splitting up so it went back into the set and that just put it in the forefront of my mind and I said you know that's what we should call the DVD. And it's also a statement of intent that we will be coming back which we are because here I am talking about more gigs so true to our word if you like."

Buy 'And There Will Be A Next Time...Live From Detroit' Online

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